Island Life {Weekly Recap}


Monday was our usual errands and such day. It was a yucky rainy day so not much else going on for us other than staying dry!


After running a few errands and visitng my grandmother for a few minutes, I salved away at Casey's birthday cake and supper. We had Caleb, Sable, and Ellie down for supper, and had west indian chicken and this crazy Crispy Crunch cake that I made. It was great!


I worked until 4:30 and then picked up Harper and rushed home to make a potato salad and then we had dinner at Casey's parents for his birthday. His mom had to be away the day before. We had leftover cake and hung out for a bit, then it was time to go home and put Harper to bed.

I went on a confusing run and am not sure how long I ran for, but I at least was able to run 4 mins without stopping agian. I'll take that as a win.


Worked until 4:30. We had a simulation day at work, complete with a dummy that breathes and has pulses and breath sounds...the works! It was really rather stressful but a good experience overall.

After work, Harper and I had supper and then went for a walk to the beach and back with the dogs. After Harper went to bed, I made a batch of cupcakes for my sisters birthday party that is tomorrow.


I worked again until 4:30. Not really much else happened!


We all got up and went on the first ferry to the mainland. We drove to Fredericton and went shopping for a bit, to get some things we needed. 

We made a Costco run, and then drove in to my Grandmother's house. Lots and lots of people were there, to celebrate her 80th birthday. We basically hung around there for the day, eating food and talking to everyone. Harper went down hard for her nap, but she finally did. It was a beautiful day out, but the blackflies were nuts up there, so we didn't stay outside much. I got to see lots of my family that I haven't seen in many years, and they all got to meet Harper.

We drove back for the late ferry. Harper was a trooper on the ferry home, which didn't dock until 10:30ish. She did fall asleep in the car on the way home, but she went back down to bed easily, thank goodness, because I was exhausted too!


Sunday was so beautiful! We went for a morning walk with the dogs to the beach and back. After naptime we went to Casey's parents for lunch. We hung out in the sunshine for a while and then we decided to go swimming. Caleb, Sable, and Ellie, and the three of us went down for a quick swim.

During afternoon naptime I got the garden weeded (again). I did lots of housework, which desperately needed doing. After supper we went to my dads for cake and ice cream, since it's my sister's 13th birthday!

What a great day! After Harper went to bed, I got more housework done, and got everything prepped for the next day's meals.


  1. Fun busy weekend, it's awesome that you have so much family close by :)

    1. I love having family close! We're building our house next door to my inlaws!

  2. What a week! And those recipes?? They need to be posted! I am dying over that cake! :)

    1. I totally winged the cake! It was chocolate cake, peanut butter icing and chocolate ganache with crushed up crispy crunch on top. The Deviled Egg Salad can be found here


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