The Epic Rash of 2014 Continued...

A few weeks ago I wrote this post about how we had been struggling with a diaper rash problem since the end of January. Well, unfortunately, shortly after writing that post, the rash came back with a vengeance. Apparently it didn't want to leave, and was quite happy to stick around and ruin everything.

When this one began, I took her back to the doctor right away. I was assured by both her doc and mine (they work together) that it was just a normal diaper rash, and needed some air and frequent diaper changes. So, that's exactly what we did. For the next 4 or 5 days, she was only ever diapered in public or while sleeping. We had lots of accidents on the floor, but it was all for the greater good, so deemed worth it.

After a few days, the rash didn't seem to be improving at all, in fact, it was getting worse. So, back up to the doctor we went. This particular doctor had never seen her rash, but listened to our story of the long and lingering rash, and gave us the cream that we used the last time to help get rid of it. She also suggested we swab it and send it to the lab, just to see what exactly was going on. She told me to return with her in 48 hours if it didn't show improvement.

48 hours later, we were back there. Harper and I had both pretty well had enough of the rash, and it wasn't leaving. She saw her own doctor this time, and he instantly knew that it was the same rash as before, but we had just obviously not cleared it up completely. So, back onto antibiotics she went, but this time, it was a stronger dose, for longer. He looked up the results of the swab that was sent and it confirmed that it was growing something nasty, and that we were giving her the correct antibiotic.

About 11 days into the treatment, she developed a rash on her body. I dubbed it an amoxicillin rash, and kept on going with the treatment. On day 12, it was all over her face, so I stopped her medication and called and checked with the doctor, who also agreed we should stop it. I took her up for a follow up and the doc we saw was very happy with the improvement, and she gave it the name "Staphylococcal Scalded Skin Syndrome." Do yourself a big favour and do not look that up.

I made the executive decision to take her out of her cloth diapers the day she went back on antibiotics. The doctor said it wasn't necessary, but I wasn't taking any chances. I washed, bleached, and rinsed rinsed rinsed them. I kept her out of them until the rash was completely healed up. Currently, she has obvious scarred skin but nothing is open, and I'm sure it'll go away with time.

We put her back in her cloth diapers yesterday. So far, so good. I'm praying to all the cloth diaper gods that it doesn't come back. We've been through enough!!

So, if you think your little one has more that just a diaper rash, and your mommy instincts are going off, go see your doctor!! Suggest that they swab the rash, to be sure there isn't anything growing there. Do what you think is best for your child.

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  1. What a nightmare! I hope this time it's gone for good!!!

  2. Aww poor baby (and mom!) Hope that nasty rash has finally left completely!


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