Island Life {Weekly Recap}


Harper and I started off the day with a walk after breakfast. We don't go very far, but it's far enough for me to lug a baby in a stroller with 2 large dogs! I'm sure we're a sight to see!

After lunch we went for groceries with my mom. After I dropped her off, I went down to visit my grandmother for a bit with Harper.

Harper and I had supper and played for a while, and then it was bedtime!


Harper and I went for a misty morning walk. After lunch we went up to finish up a few things. We had coffee with Jackie and Oaklee and it was nice but very warm in the cafe! 

After naptime it was time for birthday dinner at my inlaws. I think we were celebrating 4-5 peoples birthday! After so much bad for me food I left early to go for a walk while Casey put Harper to bed. 


I worked until 4:30 but ended up being late leaving. Had a busy day but a decent one anyway. After work, Harper went to Susan's so I could get a couple things accomplished. I made a quick trip over to the Jamberry nails party and then went home and made an order of cupcakes. 

Harper apparently didn't want to stay out all night and began screaming when you put her down. Which to me is fine but not to everyone else so I actually ended up trying to sooth her until 10 pm and then just giving up and taking her home where she slept instantly. 


Worked until 4:30. Had another busy day. I had my 10000 steps in by 3 or so. Anyway I picked Harper up and we had supper. I took her to my aunts for a bit so I could go run. 

I downloaded a new app that let's you do it gradually. it went much better and I ended up being able to run 4 minutes! 

Casey put Harper to bed and I went for a walk with friends. 


Days off have begun! Too bad I'm too lazy to get anything accomplished! Mostly anyway. We didn't go for a morning walk but should have! 

After naptime we rushed up to a Costco presentation to find out that it got cancelled because the rep didn't make the ferry. Welcome to grand Manan. Ugh. 

So, Harper and I had a lunch date and then went to walk on the beach for a bit. Then went to visit my mom. 

I did nothing productive during naptime except my nails. Oh well! We had BBQ sweet chili pork and veggie kabobs and a salad for dinner. Yummy! 


After naptime I took Harper to the market for a bit, then To get a couple things at the grocery store and then to the ALS BBQ fundraiser. 

When we got home we played outside for a bit. Naptime for Harper turned into naptime for me too and I slept for like 2 hours! It was great! 

We had date night and I had been craving junk for a week at least so I indulged my craving and now I feel like I can move on. Probably going to gain this week but oh well! 


Went on a day trip to an outer island near here. Hiked the whole way around it in search of the cave that is there. It has a geocache in if but it is an extremely tight squeeze and I'll never do that! 

After we got home I picked up Harper from my dads and put her down for a nap. Casey and I went out and planted my 3 tomato plants and a few rows of carrots. I weeded the strawberries some too. I've got flowers on my plants! Yay for not killing them! 

After naptime I took Harper down to my moms because my grandmother and aunt are visiting. My grandmother wasn't there but my aunt was and we had a good visit. 

My eating has been less than good this week. I'm glad to have a start over day (Monday) to reset!

How was your week? Anything exciting happening? 


  1. That sounds like a lovely week!

    I think this summer my husband and I are going to make a trip to Grand Manan. It's been forever since I was there and the Island is beautiful. :)

    1. Oh awesome! We'll have to meet up for coffee! ;)

  2. Wow, what a busy week! Nice work not killing your flowers!

    1. Haha thanks! I've got a horrible black thumb! The next 2 weeks are just going to be busier!


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