Island Life {Weekly Recap}


This was my only day for the week to actually sleep in some. Woke up at 7:10. FML. Oh well.

After breakfast, I took Harper in the stroller and walked Luna down to the end of our road, and then down the board walk a bit. The boardwalk is a sad sad sight. It's very muddy and unkept, but to top that off, you can only get to the first little rest area, and there are 2 giant trees down in the path. No way to get a stroller around those. I hope that it gets fixed! I have so many great memories of walking that trail as a kid, I hope I can make some with Harper too!

After lunch we did our normal Monday grocery run with my mom.

I had BBQ steak for supper, with some nice Epicure steak rub on it. Yummy! Did some potatoes in tin foil and boiled some corn too. I put some endamames in a foil wrap and put them on the BBQ but I clearly overcooked them, because they were not very good! I had high hopes for them too. Next time I'll just boil them like the bag says I'm supposed to.

Aunt Krista and Chandra came to visit for a bit after supper. Krista just got back from a trip to Europe. She said she had a great time, but she missed Harper. So, we had a good visit. Harper went to Casey's parents for the night, since I have to go to a course in the morning. After she left, I went for a run. I can't wait for this cough to go away, so I don't feel like I'm going to cough so hard I pee my pants while I'm out!

After Casey got home from work, we watched Game of Thornes finally.


I had an education session at the hospital for 12 lead ECG interpretation and dysrhythmia review. That got over shortly before 3. I ran a couple errands on the way home. 

Harper was napping at Casey's parents house when I got home so I went out to weed the strawberry garden. 

Afterwards I went and got Harper and we had supper. Well, I did. Harper ate a few bites and then decided she was going to have a meltdown so I let her and I kept eating. 

After everyone calmed down I took Harper in the stroller and walked down to the beach and back. 


I worked until 4:30. After work I went and picked up my mom and brought her over for supper. 

Casey had to go to work after we ate so mom, Harper and I went to get some ice cream. Afterwards we went to the anchorage park and walked up to the playground. 

After Harper went to bed and Casey got home, I went for a run. It was week 2 day 3 of C25K. I actually drove up to a flatter area, and it was soooo much better. I always quit on week 3 because I find it impossible to run 3 mins straight when it's so hilly around here. 


I worked until 4:30. After work we had supper and then Harper went with her grammy and Casey and I went to my little sisters drama play, complete with dessert buffet. The kids did really good, and we had some yummy treats!


Harper slept until 9! At least I think she did...I did...and I didn't hear her crying, haha! After breakfast we went for a walk to the beach and back. We had to take my car up to the garage because my headlights are both out, so we did that after lunch. Then we went and ran a couple of errands, and then went on a playdate with a couple of friends.


We went to the community market after lunch. I love the community market! We were going to go to the Touch a Truck event at the school, not that Harper would have cared, but it started to downpour after we left the market. Oh well!

I went for a run in the afternoon, and then went down to visit my mom. I survived C25K week 3 day 1! After supper, my dad, step mom, and sister came over for a little visit.


Casey woke me up calling me to tell me to get ready to come to brunch. Then he called me back after I was good and awake to tell me that the store didn't open until 10, so we couldn't go. Nice.

After naptime, we went to Casey's grandparents for lunch. It was a gorgeous day and we were able to sit outside in the sun. It was fantastic. 

After lunch we went to visit my grandmother and gave her a hanging basket. During naptime, Casey and I did some yard work. After naptime, I joined my inlaws for a really long walk up the boardwalk and back. 


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