Island Life {Weekly Recap}


Just our average day to get groceries and run errands. I took Harper and the dogs to the beach for a few minutes but it was cold and windy. I got lots of housework done too. 

During her naked time (in an attempt to get rid of the rash) Harper squatted on the floor to eat her apple, and in the midst if eating her apple she was making some cute faces so I decided to take a video of her. Afterwards I found that she was leaving me a present on the floor. How nice of her. 

Harper was just not napping this afternoon. I made chicken teriyaki stir fry for supper. Casey watched Harper and I went for a run with Luna. Totally thought I was doing W2 D1 of the C25K program but came to find out I was redoing W1 D2. Oops! Oh well, I've for a cold and I wasn't really pumped for the run, but I finally remembered to take the puffer I got from the doc and it went well. I wasn't wheezey at all after. I even made my best time ever! 

Casey and I watched Game of Thrones, and it was time for bed. 


We had a 9 am appointment for Harpers immunizations. After that we went right over to the ER to have her bum seen to again. 

It took a couple hours but she was seen by her doctor and he said it's the same infection as last time. So she is back on some antibiotics for longer this time. 

After a very late nap Harper went to play with Chandra for a bit and I went up to get her prescription filled and took my mom to the cafe for a little while. 

I started feeling horrible on the drive home and thankfully Casey picked up some pizza. I had a piece but was not really hungry. 

After I went for a walk with the dogs to see if that might make me feel better. It didn't really but at least the dogs got a walk. 


I worked until 4:30. Had a fairly busy day. After work I picked up Harper and we went home for supper. She had a complete meltdown when I tried to feed her supper. I will be glad when this phase passes. 

After Casey got home we went for ice cream and then a drive. Then we had a relaxing evening at home. 


After work I got to business and completed a cupcake order. Lots of yummy cupcakes! Didn't finish everything until 9:15. I was totally exhausted! 


Worked until 4:30. After work we had supper and then went out to visit Casey's grandparents. We stayed there for a bit then went go his parents for a bit as well. 

Found out that my tweet got featured on this weeks episode of survivor live! Pretty cool!


Worked until 4:30. Casey went away to play golf for the day, so it was just me and Harper until he got home on the 7 o'clock ferry. Harper didn't nap at her grandmothers so I put her down when I got home, and got her up at 6:30 so she would sleep at night.

I went for a run after Casey got home. Bumped up to week 2 of the C25K program. Didn't do too badly, considering I was coughing pretty much the entire time. I'm sure people could hear me in their houses, and thought I was going to keel over. I can't wait until this cold mess is gone!


I worked my last day until 4:30. Had a pretty busy day, espcailly for a sunday. After supper, Casey and I took Harper in the stroller and walked the dogs. We met my step mother on the beach and she took Harper back to her mom's for a bit. We walked home and got the car, so they could have some time with her. Once we got home, we drove down and visited there for a while.


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    1. It really is! One of my favourite places in the world! Just wish it would warm up a bit so we can enjoy it more!

  2. Sounds like a good week! Hope your cough continues to get better as well as Harper's diaper rash!

    1. My week wasn't too bad. Work kind of sucked this week, but I'm over it. I know my cough will go away eventually, and Harper's rash is just about gone, thank goodness! Thanks!! :)

  3. I love the beach also, I lived in Hawaii and went to college on the coast of TX in Corpus Christi. Great job on the cupcakes, what flavor were they?

    1. Hawaii's beaches look amazing. I can't wait to go there one day. The cupcakes in the photo are carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. It was an order I filled. I have a small cupcake business on the side :)


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