5 on Friday {Epicure Edition}

It's no secret that I love Epicure! I've been to at least a dozen parties, and actually hosted one for myself this past February. Annnnd, I'm going to another party tonight! So, I thought it was very fitting to do an Epicure Edition of 5 on Friday to show some of my favourite products they have!


I'm loving Epicure's salsa mix! I can make it up with a can of diced tomatoes, or dice them myself. Yum! Careful not to add too much, or it gets really spicy!


This big burger sauce is so yummy! I mix it up using mustard instead of relish, and use a little on my BBQ chicken burger! Yum! 


I can't recommend this enough! We make chicken fajitas at least twice a month and love them! All I do is chop up my peppers, chicken, and onion, and toss it with a bit of this, and bake it for 40 minutes in the oven. Top it with some salsa and you have a delicious meal! 


Nacho cheese dip is soooo good! It's our favourite of the hot dips offered by Epicure!


We love the Guacamole by Epicure! I didn't love Guacamole until I had this! 

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  1. What can I say??! Winter, you are definitely a winner every time with Epicure! To show my appreciation, be sure and go and "like" my Facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/GrandMananEpicureHeatherBrown ...purchase one of these five great Epicure products from me in the next week, and I'll enter you into a special draw! (and Winter, a free refill for YOU!)


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