Rave Review: Maxwell Designs Stow It All Clutch

If you've been following my blog, you'll know that I love Maxwell Designs. They're an awesome little company that makes handmade fabric bags (and change pads too!). I started my journey with them when I bought my Stow It All in the Limited Edition Rainbow Chevron print. After that, I sort of accumulated more and more of their products (I swear I don't know how I ended up with another bag honey!). I won some on facebook/instagram, I had one gifted to me, I gave some away to friends and family, and recently I had a giveaway here on my blog. So, as you can see, I love these products, and I want to spread the love around!

Today I wanted to review the Stow It All clutch.

First off, this bag is versatile. I brought it along with me on our cruise this winter, and it was great to have. I brought it to the beach with us, it carried our sunscreen, lip balm, and our room keys. It was also great in the travelling portion of the trip, I kept the important things like passports and tickets in there, to make sure I could pull them out of my giant bag at a moments notice.

The inside of the bag is PUL. Let me tell you, it's really nice to have if your sunscreen leeks!  It will just wipe out! 

I also use this bag for when I'm running errands with Harper. It holds a couple of diapers, a pack of wipes, a wetbag, and her bum cream. What more do you need?

If I'm packing snacks for Harper to go anywhere, I pop them inside a Stow It All, and if something decides to explode, it's not through the entire diaper bag, and all over my nice cloth diapers! 

I love that there is a little front pouch, I usually keep her bum cream up there. And, like I said before, it would be great to have it separate from the diapers in the event that something wanted to leak!

In order to write a proper review, you need to tell both the good and the bad parts of the item. To be very honest, I can't really think of anything negative to say about this bag. To me, it's perfect for a quick trip up to the store and back. For the "just in case you have a massive poop-splosion" times. For the, "I don't want to carry a huge beach bag around during my whole vacation" people.

Honestly, for $34, this little bag has pulled it's weight, and then some! It's super well made, and durable!

You can get them at maxwelldesigns.ca or at a Maxwell Designs retailer!

This post has not been sponsored by Maxwell Designs. These are my own opinions. 


  1. Super cute!! And I love the chevron design!!

    1. Thanks! They've got lots of cute designs :)

  2. Speaking of the giveaway, WHO WON! I'm hoping it was me. )

    I'm going to check out this company, as they're Canadian and I like supporting local business!

  3. No, it wasn't sorry! The rafflecopter is supposed to show it, but apparently its not. The prize has already been sent off to it's new home :)

    The company has lots of cute things! I highly recommend the cosmetics bags too :)


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