Rave Review: Lush Cosmetics {Ultrabland}

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I've taken a new interest in Lush Cosmetics. I found out about the company through others that I follow in Instagram. I'm so glad that I did! I love everything this company stands for, and I love the products I've tried so far!

If you check out their website, you'll see they believe in fair trade, using fresh and organic ingredients, and in not testing their products on animals.

Could it get any better than that?!

Yes. It can.

Lush believes in giving back to the world, so they developed a body lotion called Charity Pot. The best part of this product is that 100% of the proceeds from it go back to a charity. They support a variety of charities, such as those building schools overseas, finding safe drinking water for communities, and even preserving animals in their natural environments.

Even better than that, I am in love with the products I've tried so far from Lush.

So today, I wanted to actually review one of the first products I ordered from them, Ultrabland.

I  know, the name doesn't sound super exciting.

Ultrabland is a beeswax based facial cleanser that you can use as a makeup remover, or as a daily facial cleanser.

I used it as a daily facial cleanser.

First off, I wanna say the thing that I love the most about this product.

You don't use it like you would use some Neutrogina or Clearasil product. You don't lather it up with water, and splash water on your face like in those commercials.

Nope! No more splashing water all over my sink, body, and floor just trying to wash my face!

You simply get a bit on your finger, rub it on your palms, and spread it around your face. I like to pay special attention to my eyes, since that's where I wear most of my makeup.

When you've finished massaging it into your face, you wet a facecloth and wipe it all off.

That's it!

It takes my my makeup off SO well! I've always struggled finding a face wash that will remove my eye make up with ease. I don't even wear a ton of eye make up really...not compared to some.

After starting to use this product, I can confidently ditch my makeup remover!

Goodbye cotton pads and stinging eyes!!

Normally, over the course of a month, I go through a couple of breakouts, with a couple of pimples each. Usually around my chin/cheek areas.

Since I started using Ultrabland, almost 9 weeks ago, I have had a total of 2 pimples. I'm finding my skin is much more even, and less redness on my cheeks, which I've suffered with my whole life.

I can only say one thing that I don't like about this product, but it really isn't a big deal, is that you pretty much have to use a face cloth to wipe it off, it doesn't scrub off with your hands and water in the shower. I don't normally take a face cloth into the shower with me. This was an easy solve for me though, since I wanted to try out more Lush products, I ordered a tub of Angels on Bare Skin for my face in the shower, and it's also awesome! I use that in the morning when I'm in the shower, and my Ultrabland in the evening!

Since I'd never used the product before, I ordered the 45g tub of it. I can honestly say, it's been 8 weeks and for 5 of those weeks (until I got my Angels on Bare Skin) I used it twice a day, faithfully. I've still got some left! I imagine the 100g tub would last quite a long time!

So, obviously I love this product, and I would highly recommend checking it out, and the other products that Lush offers too! I've already ordered two more times since getting my first order 9 weeks ago! I guess I'm addicted, but that's okay!


  1. OOooh I may have to go back and get some I'm trying to find a good make-up remover. I just got the Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Eaze hair mask (trying it out tonight).

    1. It really does a great job of getting my make up off. I was kind of worried because some of the reviews I read said it didn't, but then I try to think of how much some girls wear and think it's no wonder really.

  2. I absolutely have to try that! I'm glad you mentioned how long the size lasts! I just got some of the new Garnier Oil Cleansing stuff because I actually used to wash my face with castor oil when it was super dry. I still use bio oil afterwards, but that stuff looks kind of heavenly. Does it smell good?

    1. I have the opposite problem, I am always oily. The cream is really rich and I think would work nicely on any skin type. It actually doesn't smell like anything, hence the name :)

  3. I love Lush's bath bombs, but have never tried their other products. I might have to give some of these a whirl! Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. I never take baths, so I will probably never use a bath bomb...but I've tried several other products so far, and I can recommend the trichomania solid shampoo, Angels on Bare Skin, and I'm currently loving their pineapple grunt soap (had the miranda last time, also good).

  4. I'm a new blogger, so really good to read your review :)

  5. I'm glad you finally found Lush after it made it to the States! It's been a UK staple for me for years now, and I even worked there once upon a time.

    I also use Ultrabland and agree that it's a great product, but I did have to come back to it to give it another shot. II tried it when I worked there and didn't fall in love, but I didn't have problem skin then.

    Cut to a few years later and I've been trying all sorts of expensive brands from Environ to Eve Lom and Sarah Chapman (I don't think that range has made the US yet) to help fix my unhappy skin. Then, on a whim, I bought this once again and - after a little perseverance - I'm now sold. My biggest issue is how difficult it is to wash the face cloths, but the results are worth it! Even the facialist commented on how clear my pores were, so I'm happy with that!

    On a final note, I'd say don't try and use this with a Clarisonic - it won't end well!

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