Island Life {Weekly Recap}


Today was our usual groceries and errands day. 

I made this Rolo Brownie Trifel for our family dinner. We had Easter dinner at my dads. Monday was perfect because no one had to be anywhere else and everyone was home. Fun! 


I took Harper back to the hospital about her bum rash that reappeared last week. They said it was just a regular one this time and to lay off all the creams and to give her lots of air bum time. 

After lunch we went up to sables and hung out with her and Gill and the kiddies. 

Naptime didn't really happen for Harper. She fussed and cried for 1.5 hours before finally sleeping for a bit. After supper we went for a walk with Sheryl and on the way home got followed by my aunt and step mom who came in to visit Harper. 


I worked until 4:30 as per my Wednesday usual. After supper we let Harper run around nude for a bit and put her to bed. We watched survivor and had an uneventful evening. 


I worked again until 4:30. After work we had supper and played in the living room with Harper until bed. 


After lunch we went up the island to go on a cafe date with Sable and Gill but on the way I ran over a bolt and it stuck in my tire. I got it fixed and was only about 20 mins late. Not too bad! 

For supper we had Epicures pulled pork and I made cupcakes for my brother to take to a bake sale to support his sr boys volleyball team. 

I went to my first Arbonne party, since my friend is now a consultant! I ordered myself some tinted moisturizer with SPF 15. I've got high expectations! I hope I like it! I have their sea salt scrub that I got for my birthday which I love and if smells amazing! 


Casey and I went away on the first boat to make a Costco run and pick up my mom. 

We had some time to kill (which never happens in the city when you're coming for just the day) so we went and browsed some furniture and appliances. We're just getting an idea of what we want but it's still fun. 

Then we went uptown Saint John and walked through the market. I love the Saint John market!! We ended up buying some guacamole that a lovely Mexican lady was selling. It's sooo yummy!! 

We went for a lunch date at Urban Deli, which we haven't done together since our honeymoon! It was really nice. We are making a point to leave the phones away and have normal human conversation at meals together. If you go to Urban Deli, I highly recommend the Parmasean & Artichoke dip. It's like a million calories but it's soooo good. I haven't had it in almost 2 years. Yum! 

After lunch we went and picked up my mom. Then we made our Costco trip, where I finally found a pair of sneakers. The ones I've been trying to run with are so tread-bare on the bottom it's not funny. But they're about 2 years old and I put a lot of miles on them last summer. 

Then we went to try and find a pair of jeans. I've been wearing my jeans that I got last summer and they're kind of obviously too big now. Anyway, I tried on the same jeans in the gap, and easily fit into the pair that were 4 sizes (2 if you don't pay attention to the half numbers) than the ones I was wearing! Boo yah! Unfortunately they didn't have a pair for vertically challenged people like myself so I didn't end up buying any, since boot cut
Jeans look weird after you hem 5 inches off of them. I'll just have to order some online. Either way, I was happy! 

After the ferry ride home, I got everything unpacked, took mom home, picked up Harper, had some snuggles, and put her to bed, and then put all our groceries away. I was beat by the end of the day! 


Harper let us sleep in until 8:30! It was wonderful! 

After lunch we went and visited my step mom for a bit and then took Harper up to the doctor to see about her rash. It's gotten really bad again. She gave us a new cream and said to do lots of naked time and frequent diaper changes. We're supposed to go back in 48 hours if it doesn't start to get better. 

After that Harper had a nap and I did too! We had a super lazy Sunday and basically relaxed the whole day. It was great! 


  1. Harper is adorable and I feel bad for her sore bum! :(

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Costco trip and appliance shopping. Sounds like a great week!

    1. Thank you :) I hope the bum resolves soon too...its frustrating

  2. Ahhh these pictures are so precious!! Annnd you got your tire fixed in 20 minutes? I need your tire people!!

    1. Thanks :) My brother in law works there, so I have an in ;)

  3. So many yummy treats! Send some of that baked goodness my way :)
    It looks like you cloth diaper? I have a friend who does cloth diapering but her 2 year old started to get the weirdest rash so she has had to switch to disposables until he is potty trained. But she still cloth diapers her baby! It may be something to look into?

    1. I've been back to the doc with her, it's apparently a re-infection from the last time, which we didn't get properly cleared up :( Doc said I'd be okay to keep her in cloth, but I'm going to take her out, bleach them, and put her back in when all is clear.

      I have a small cupcake business on the side, so I always have some creation or other on the go :)

  4. those cupcakes yummy and I love the bow on the stripes.

  5. The cupcakes look amazing! Hope Harper's rash clears soon!

    1. Thanks! I hope they were good for whoever bought them :)


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