Island Life {Weekly Recap}


Monday was our typical errands day. This week we did them without my mom though, which always makes things tougher. She was waiting to get her phone repaired. 

The most exciting thing we did was picking up our approved building permit! Yay!!! 

I made pad Thai for supper again, this time I thought ahead while I was on the mainland and got some rice noodles. Delish! 

After supper Casey, Harper, and I took the dogs for a walk down the the sand beach and back. Poor max is really getting old. He has a hard time on the walk back, lagging behind some. But really, if I took him off his leash, he would run like he was 2 not 12. 


I ran a few errands in the afternoon. We had roast for supper and after supper I went for a run! Again! I really hope I can make a habit out of this! 


I worked all day, and when I got home I was greeted by a showered, shaved husband who had flowers on the table for me and supper mostly ready. We were having roast leftovers but when he left it on the counter for a couple minutes Luna ate it. So I made pork chops to replace them. 

After supper Casey, Harper and I took the dogs for a walk. 


I worked until 4:30. After work we had slow cooker vegetable beef soup for supper. Afterwards we went out for ice cream. 

We visited with Casey's parents for a bit. 


After work I took Harper down to my moms to visit because my aunt had come down to visit. It was nice to see her :)


After work we had dinner at Casey's grandparents with the whole family because his aunt and cousin were down from Sussex. 


I made pancakes for breakfast. I put a few sprinkles in Harpers because I didn't really do anything for Easter for her, since she's one. Haha. 

We had dinner at Casey's grandparents for Easter. After lunch, Casey, Caleb, Sable and I went kayaking for a little while. 

We hung around Casey's parents for the evening. We actually played a game of scrabble. I didn't even come in last place! That's a first. Haha. Guess the time I've been spending on words with friends has paid off a little! 

We also went and picked up some flooring we bought for the house. Just enough to do the entry ways. 

I finished the February block of my cross stitch pattern finally, too. 

How was your week? Anything exciting happen? 


  1. Sounds like a great weekend!!! That water looks beautiful!!

    1. It was a good weekend :) The water looks nice but it's only like 3 feet deep and is reallllly gross on the bottom. It was too windy to go out on the ocean, so we made due with the lake :)

  2. Replies
    1. It was awesome :) I haven't been out in my kayak for a long time. It felt nice to get out on the water

  3. Love your weekend recap :) My son had his first ice cream cone last night and went absolutely nuts haha

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    1. Thank you :) It's so fun to watch them try new things! Thanks for reading!

  4. Sounds like a great week--I LOVE to kayak!!! :) BTW, I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Details here:

    1. Kayaking is awesome :) I wish I could convince Casey to go more!

      I already done a Liebster award, way back in Jan, but I'll do another one just for you ;)


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