Island Life {Weekly Recap}


I didn't even come close to getting enough sleep to make up for the last 6 days, but it's all good. It was our typical monday. Groceries, errands, and everything in between. We went to Casey's parents for supper, since they just got home from their vacation. Harper was very irritable for most of the day, but at least napped well!


I feel like I got a ton accomplished. I vacuumed the whole house, scrubbed all of downstairs, ran Luna to her hair appointment, took a whole bunch of stuff to the thrift store that I have been gathering during the #40bagsin40days challenge, made supper, FINALLY got Harper's one year photos done (don't judge me), started to really clean out the basement, and got everything ready for work in the morning! PHEW!!


I worked my regular shift. After work we had West Indian chicken for supper, but instead of making it on the stove, I had it all thrown in the slow cooker the night before and cooked it on low all day while I was at work. Yummy!! 

After supper Casey and I cleaned up. I played with Harper for a bit but then handed her over to Casey and I went for a RUN! Can you believe it!? I certainly can't! It was so nice out, how could I refuse? 


Had another good day at work. After work I made supper. I was slack and made a disassembled shepherds pie. Lazzzzy! Oh well. Harper ate well, so whatever it takes! 

After supper we went out for ice cream as a family. I would like to make a habit of doing this every couple weeks. Afterwards we went for a drive. Down to southern head to see the sunset and then home. We stopped in at the anchorage park to where all the rabbits are. It was cold and windy so I didn't get Harper out but were going down to feed them on the next nice day! 


Harper slept in to 8 am thank the Lord! After lunch I took her and my mom to the hair dresser to get my bangs cut. Then we went to the cafe for a late and then we took some carrots and lettuce down to the bunnies. Harper didn't know what to think of them. 

While Harper napped, I finally cleaned my car out. I'd been waiting for a good day to do it. It looks so much better! Unfortunately now it won't start! Ugh. 

After supper we all went for a walk. It was a nice evening for it but a little more chilly than I thought. 

After Harper went to bed, Casey and I made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Yum!


Casey, Harper, and I went to the community market for lunch. Afterwards, we went with Caleb, Sable, and Ellie for a walk at the Ancourage park, on the boardwalk, but it was still covered in snow and very, very wet, so we didn't end up walking very far.

During naptime, I made cupcakes, and got ready for supper.

Caleb, Sable, and Ellie came for supper and we had the first BBQ of the season! Burgers and taco salad! Yum!


We had lunch at Casey's parents and then went down to visit his grandparents who just got home from Florida. 

During naptime I finished up a cupcake order. 

After supper, I went for another run! Holy smokes! Haha. It did go better this time around, thankfully. I could breathe anyway! 

How did your week go? Anything exciting happen? 


  1. Nothing much to report! Sounds like a super busy week! You keep busy, Mama!


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