I Spoke Too Soon.

Two weeks ago, I wrote a post about the epic diaper rash we had battled over the last several months. When I wrote the post, all was well in tushey land. Not so much anymore. I would say I jinxed it.

To say I'm frustrated would be an understatement.

She's been to see the doctor three times about this rash. I took her just after it started on tuesday, and again sunday. And again this morning. During those visits, she has seen 3 different doctors, that basically all say the same thing. Until today.

The first time around, they said it was just a normal rash and to just use the cream they gave me twice a day, in the morning and at night. They said to give her lots of open air time, basically let her run around with no diaper on for a while every day. They said to give her frequent diaper changes to keep her dry, but that her cloth diapers were fine, that she'd have this with or without them.

So that's what I did. She has pooped and peed on my floor and on my mother in laws.

The rash hasn't gotten any better.

Every time she poops she screams bloody murder until you can get it off her bum, and when you lay her down to change her, she knows it's going to hurt, so she screams even harder.

It's all quite fun, really.

Anyway, I took her back on sunday because it was obviously not getting any better. That doctor gave us a new cream to use every diaper change, but basically the same thing, lots of naked time and frequent diaper changes. She also said the cloth was fine, that she would have the rash regardless. We also swabbed it, to see if anything nasty was growing there or not.

So this morning I had her up for her 1 year immunizations, (yes I know I'm late. I work ok all the clinic days and the last time we made a special appointment she got sick). Anyway I took her right to the doc after because I checked on her bum once more while we were up there and it wasn't any better. Even the public health nurse was concerned.

We got in after a little wait and her doc pulled up her swab results (which we weren't sure would be done) and they indicated infection. He had one look at her bum to know it was back to the way it was before. So he put her back on antibiotics at a higher dose for a longer time period. He says that he thinks that we didn't quite get all the bugs last time around. Which would explain the 2-3 week 'okay' period we had. 

Here's hoping this works this time. I'm thinking I'll take her out of her cloth, bleach them, and wait until it's healed completely before putting her back. I don't want to put her in disposables (and the doc said I didn't have to) but I think I'll take extra precautions to kill the bugs. 

Or maybe I'll start potty training her now. 



  1. Oh no! :( Poor Harper. That sounds awful. Hope she feels better soon!

    1. Thanks. It's pretty awful to go though with your baby. She's starting to improve already, so I'm glad for that.


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