Five on Friday {Kitchen Edition}

Linking up today for 5 On Friday! I don't ever seem to be on the ball enough to get this post done and linked up, but here we are this week at least!

Since we're in the business of building a new home, I personally think the most exciting part of that is the prospect of having a nice kitchen to cook/bake in. 

So, here are my top kitchen from Pinterest! (Even though for some reason I can't imbed them as actual pins anymore, so if you know how, please let me know! The <embed> option is gone!).

This is awesome!! I love the counters and cupboards, and the FLOOR! Not so much a fan of the backsplash. 

I may have drooled over the sink. So awesome!

Love dark on the bottom, white on the top! Also, love the french doors and herringbone floor!

LOOK at that backsplash!

Gorgeous! I'd add more colour though ;)

So I bet you're sensing a theme...You are! I'm absolutely in love with black countertops. I can't even help it. They're gorgeous! So, obviously, from the photos, I'm currently loving the idea of white cupboards, black countertops, and honestly, I haven't decided on a backsplash yet, but I'm really leaning towards grey. I love the mint/green backslashes, but I feel like that would be too trendy and be out of style too soon.

With the black and white look, I can decorate however I want, and it'll always match! Brilliant, right?!

That's it for 5 on Friday this week! Check out The Good Life Blog and the many awesome 5 on Friday linkup posts!


  1. Hi! Found you via the link-up.... We definitely have the same taste in kitchen styles!!! I LOVE all the white & the grey back splash is amazing!!! Happy weekend =)

    1. Thanks! I'm still gathering ideas, but I can't wait to put my dream kitchen together! Thanks for reading :)

  2. I love the last picture! Definitely a kitchen I can see in my house!



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