5 On Friday {Living Room Edition}

Last week I linked up, showing my favourite kitchen designs. This week, I want to show you my favourite living room colours.

I'm really loving the idea of doing a navy/grey living room because I think that would tie in beautifully with a white/black kitchen. Since the kitchen, living room, and dining room are all one large space, I thought it'd be best to find something that all ties nicely. I have a large collection of beach glass that I plan to find some DIYs to do something with, and tie it into the space to make it a little more 'island like', since, well, I live on an island!

Here we go! Enjoy!


This particular one is from iheartorganizing.com and I am totally in love with their colour scheme and design! Grey and navy! Beautiful! 


This one I stole from Pinterest. I love the little nautical hints, the pillows, lamp, rug, and other decor. I'm not a fan of the furniture or the curtains. We really won't buy leather again, since ours is totally ruined and it's less than 4 years old. 


Love the colours! I might switch out the lime for a nice mint though ;)


I think this is really pretty. Though I'd never do carpet. Ever. I'm not sure we could pull off a blue wall in the new house though, since our walls are mostly windows. Oh well, I think it's a good trade off! 


Love this one, except for the yellow. I wish I knew why I hate yellow so much! 

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  1. Love everything about these choices. Can I steal them for my new house? Or wait, maybe you can come and decorate for me? :)

    1. Haha, thanks! It takes me a long time to come up with exactly what I'm going to do in a room...seeing as we haven't even got a house to put this in yet!

  2. Love all those pretty living rooms! Have fun decorating!

  3. Love your ideas. Very pretty!


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