40 Bags in 40 Days {Days 31-40}

I can't believe it's been 40 days since I started the challenge!

I'm actually really not one to stick with something that I begin, but I actually stuck to this. I'm gonna go ahead and pat myself on the back!

I can hardly believe all the stuff I had stashed away in Harper's room! Mostly just garbage in boxes behind her change table. Ugh! Well it's nice and clean now!

I do feel like this day and the next were a bit lazy. I was working 12 hour shifts those 2 days and was not really inspired to clean anything when I got home! I did go through the random kitchen drawer and took out what I deemed unuseful. 

The second drawer. I got rid of a few things in here that no longer had a match and gathered all my cookie cutters from around the kitchen into one place. 

This was my first day in the basement. I've been dreading the thought of it since I started this challenge. But it was time. I got started on throwing things we didn't use anymore and making a bag for donating. 

I found this cd down there. It was the first cd I ever owned! Before that was all cassette tapes! 

This time, Casey came into the basement with me and we got a lot done! We have a huge pile of garbage, a bit to donate, and we moved the things we were storing in the sunroom down there. All in bins so it won't get ruined. We sold a bunch of stuff on our community buy and sell. Made some money in the process! 

This tub was full of stuff I had left from university that I have been meaning to donate. Well it finally happened. That and a bunch of other things! My sunroom almost looks semi-normal! 

I didn't make an official list of things I wanted to declutter but if I did this would have been on it for sure. This is the after picture unfortunately. At least it's mostly stuff we bought in bulk at Costco like Casey's deodorant. 

I have been waiting for a good day to do this. It finally arrived. My car has been cleaned out, vacuumed, and armour alled! 

This one has needed doing for a while now too.  Cleaned out the desk caddy and got rid if all the things we don't use or didn't work. Cleaned out the paper slots and out things away. 

The final day! I decided to own up to the sunroom. My last bag plus a horrible decrepit ottoman that my cats used as a scratching post, which is also full of stuff! 

I should say, even though it still looks cluttered, it's much better than it was. The red bag is our Christmas tree and it needs to stay out there because the basement is too damp and it would be ruined down there. The couch is empty and when I started it was completely covered. The desk on the right that you can't really see was covered in stuff. Books mostly. Now it's just got stuff were trying to sell and a box of photos. Not bad eh!? 

Well, it's been a great 40 days. Like I said before, I can hardly believe I've stuck with it the whole time! I've even done extra organizing projects that I didn't use for my daily pictures. 

If you're doing the challenge at home, good luck! Just know that it's all worth it in the end! My house feels so much less cluttered, and I've checked several projects off my to do list. 

Remember to go check out Ann Marie at whitehouseblackshutters.com. The original forty bags in forty days mastermind! 

Check out my past posts about de-cluttering my home! 


  1. I still can't get over this!! You did awesome!! I keep saying this, but I need to do this!!

    1. Trust me, it's totally worth all the work :)


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