When to Have Baby #2....

Since returning to work a few weeks ago, I feel like the most frequently asked question so far is:

"When are you going to have another one?"

Honestly, I always just answer everybody with the same thing:

"Um, not for a couple more years. I'm not ready yet."

But really, it's more than that.

Do I plan on leaving 5 years between my children? No, not intentionally anyway.

At first, after just having Harper, people would ask this question too, and I would say not for a while. Thinking in my head that I'd like to have 2 years between them. But you know what? If I wanted 2 years between my children, I would have to get pregnant pretty soon to make that happen.

The more I thought about it, the more it became clear to me. The 'age gap' isn't a big deal to me. You can read all over the internet, on the reasons why and why to not space your kids apart one way or another. My older brother and I are 10 years apart. Am I looking for that? Not even a little.

Right at this moment in time, my idea of when I want to have my next child puts them about 3ish years apart. Maybe a few months more.


We're not in a house right now that would be good for our family if we were to bring another baby into the mix. I'm sure people deal with much worse, but this is something that we can control, and would like to be out of this house before we have another child.

Financially, that might mean that I might need to work for another year before having our second child. That's okay with me.

And you know what? I really want to enjoy my first child for as long as I can before having another. Harper is a special, beautiful, smart and funny little blessing. I want to enjoy that. I want to grow with her now, instead of having another thrown into the mix. I would like her to be at a place where she can walk, communicate, feed herself, and probably be not wearing diapers. I know that's a tall list....

But...Know what else? If we end up having a surprise baby that throws us all for a loop, that's okay too!

So, those are my current thoughts on the topic of baby number two. Do I want one? Yes. When? Not yet!

When did you know you were ready for number two?


  1. I have twins and Hubs and I are very happy with just the two. Even with that, we still had people ask us FROM THE DAY THEY WERE BORN when we were having more.
    Your plan sounds great!

    1. Yeah, that sounds about right! Barley out of the delivery room! :)


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