Smash Cake!

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I know it's a little late for doing smash cakes, but I started back to work and we wanted to do photos together with Ellie, so we waited until closer to her birthday. Honestly, I still have photos I want to do as '1 year' photos and I have no clue when that'll happen!

This is my second crack at making a smash cake. The first time was back in the fall when someone ordered one (I have a tiny cupcake business on the side).

Most people prefer to not fill their child completely full of sugar and butter when doing their smash cake photos, so buttercream isn't really a good option. Also, it doesn't smash very well.

I used whipping cream to frost both smash cakes. The first time, I stiffened it up with some icing sugar and a bit of cream of tartar. This time was better, and I used (on the instructions of my sister in law) a little bit of melted gelatin and some icing sugar. No, I didn't measure. Sorry! If I had to guess, it was a tablespoon of gelatin and 1/4 cup of icing sugar per 1 cup of whipping cream.

We whipped it all up in the Kitchen Aid, and tinted it. I think that was the most stressful part. Normally, I use this chart for tinting my frosting. That wasn't really an option this time around, because they didn't have the shades of purple I was looking for. So, I just started by putting a little bit in, then I added more and more to make it darker for the other layers. The last layer was the hardest. I had to keep adding and adding and praying it was getting darker.

The thing with frosting with this is, it's time sensitive. And heat sensitive. You have to be able to pipe your frosting on before it becomes a really weird texture. Then pop it in the fridge so that it doesn't warm up too much.

It's quite stressful.

PS. I just used a normal vanilla cake recipe for the cake, and I found something the size I wanted and cut around it, so that I'd have the correct size cake.

Anyway, I looked up the technique to pipe it, and I think it turned out really well!

Don't mind the blob of food colouring! 

Monkey (That's my niece Ellie in the chair BTW!).

This kid! Haha! 


  1. Love those pics!!! And the outfit is to die for!!! So adorable! Who doesn't give their baby cake when they turn one???

  2. Aww this is so cute! That cake is pretty amazing too! I could never make something so pretty!

    1. Thank you! The piping wasn't hard, and it's even easier with buttercream :)

  3. Harper is just adorable! What a beautiful cake. You're a great Mama!


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