Island Life: Weekly Recap


This day did not start off very good. Harper was up about 3-4 times in the night, which she never does. It's a good thing that it's rare, because it totally wiped me out. Thankfully she is an easy sooth back to sleep.

I took Harper to the doctor today, because her rash wasn't looking any better. He said he thinks it might be a hemolytic strep infection. Do yourself a favour and do not Google that. We got a new cream, so hopefully it works, though anything I've read seems to say that they need an oral antibiotic as well. I'm going back to work on Wednesday, so I'll give him heck if it's not working! (I work at the hospital with her doctor, just to be clear).

We had breakfast for supper, which we all like. I made french toast, home made hashbrowns, and bacon. Yummy!

Hockey turned my mood around pretty quick though. I love hockey! It really makes me forget about my bad day, or even how terrible I am at it, and I just enjoy myself.


It's my last day of mat leave! CRAZYNESS!!!

I found an awesome challenge on Instagram, to help reduce the clutter in my life/house. I've been thinking about doing this since Christmas, but I've been devoting most of my spare time to Harpers party preparations, so I didn't get much done on that front. Anyway, to see the challenge, go over to A Little Bit Funky, follow her IG account, and you'll find it there. It's under #lbf40in40.

Now, I have to admit, since it's my last free day, I pretty much just got done doing 4 of the days in one day...I know that's probably cheating but whatever. I got a lot done today! Boom!

All in all, a very productive day! Cleaning schedule done, de cluttering done, meal prep for the next couple days done!


My first official day back at work! No more mat leave! 

All in all, a pretty good day! Got to work on time, ate really well until supper which was my scheduled cheat meal. 

I felt really good about my documentation today at work. I have been mentally preparing myself, and have set a goal for myself to be a better documenter. I'm happy with how I did today! 

We had a combined birthday party of sorts for Harper, Ellie and Morton (my FIL) this evening. We had a supper of yummy and bad for you food, and had igloo cake for dessert. I love igloo cake! Yum! I even had a normal human being sized piece! :)


I was asked to come in to work early to replace the 12 hour girl, so I did. I didn't have to stay though, someone thankfully came at 3:30 and I went home. It was a very busy morning, but not so much in the afternoon. Even though it was busy, it was a good day number 2! I really do love my job!

After work I picked Harper up and when we got home I finished a cupcake order and got ready to go to a wedding shower. An old friend of ours is getting married. It seems so surreal, because I've never met her fiancee. Everyone who has met him says they love him though, so I'm sure he'll be good to her. The wedding is on saturday, so I took that day off to go.

I don't want to jinx it, but I think Harpers bum is starting to look better. I have been taking photos of it and showing her doc, and he agreed that last nights photo of it looked like it was starting to reduce in redness and heal a bit. Fingers crossed!!


Not a whole lot went on today besides the normal work, supper, bath, & bedtime routine. Harpers rash is actually starting to improve though, which is really freaking awesome. I think I'm going to have to devote an entire blog post to this rash battle! It's been horrible.

One interesting thing that happened today was that I did a flight at work and the flight back was absolutely gorgeous!


Even though I took today off, it's been a very busy busy day!

At noon we went to the wedding of an old friend. It was very small, but nice. They're having a reception in the summer for everyone to attend, but wanted to get married now. The bride looked beautiful. I have honestly never met her husband, but I hope to get to know him someday!

After the wedding I took Harper to a birthday party. She was exhausted but we were able to stay for about 45 minutes or so. I put her in the ball pit there and she loved it!

After supper the three of us went out for ice cream (none for Harper yet) and then my dad, step mom, brother, sister, aunt, and cousin came over to visit. My dad and his family have been in Punta Cana for 10 days, so they wanted to see Harper. Also, they took their hamster back, because I was babysitting for them. Thankfully it's gone because I feel like my cats were plotting to eat her.


Time went ahead today. I must say, it was murder. Work was mercifully slow ish. 

Not much took place in the evening except we watched Catching Fire and I cross stitched a bit more. It was a good movie. I totally forgot about a lot of what happened in it since I haven't read the books since before they even announced the first movie was coming out. Not sure how but I got on the hunger games bus before it took off completely. Anyway, I thought they did a good job of it. Casey just re read the books and agrees.