Island Life {Weekly Recap}


Today we started day with a brunch date with a friend and her sweet little boy. We'd been trying to get together for a while, and finally we were both able to. It was fun, and the kidlets were really good! I can see that happening again in the future!

After naptime and lunch we went back up the island and ran errands, as per usual for Monday afternoon. We take my mom and go. Today we had a little fun and stopped into the Home Furniture store and sat on all the couches. We actually found one that I loved, so I made sure to get a photo of it and the tag so I don't forget.

During naptime, I made this chocolate banana bread, and this Salisbury Steak recipe for supper. Both turned out really well.

We headed out to go get Harper's long overdue photos done and got side tracked and went for a walk out on our land which was cleared more today. Anyway, by the time we got to my Aunt's for the pictures, Harper wasn't having any of it. She screamed and screamed and didn't want anything to do with it. Oh well...I guess we'll try again tomorrow!


Not much planned for the day so in the afternoon I took my mom up to the cafe (it's their first day back open!) and we got some coffee and went for a drive. We even went and fed some ducks!

I went through all of Harper's old clothes and sorted them, and posted them to sell. Slowly but surely decluttering. It was a pretty big job actually!

I made pad thai for supper. It was yummy but Harper wasn't a fan!


Well, it was a looooonnnnnnggggg day. The crazy blizzard started in the middle of my shift and they closed the roads so I couldn't leave work. I got out of there around 8:30. The driving conditions had improved drastically. I had no problem getting home. Thank goodness!


Busy busy busy day at work!

Harper went to my Aunt's for the evening, so I cleaned a bit and blogged!


We had Caleb, Sable & Ellie down for supper. I made some Chocolate and Salted Caramel cupcakes with a Caramilk egg baked inside and on top. I sold half of them and we had some for dessert.

Sable talked me into going to kickboxing, which I used to love going to in the city when I went to school. I might buy myself a membership the the gym that is doing the classes. I need something to do now that hockey is over.


We had a busy day! Casey and I went away to fredericton for the night. We went to the fredericton home show to shop around and learn about any new products. It wasn't as big as we expected it to be. We went to the Moncton one last time and it was big. And still less crowded!

Afterwards we did some homework from our carpenter. We were told to go check out the displays of kitchens at Home Depot. I had never been in there before but I loved it! We're buying our house materials from Home Hardware but Home Depot had things set up so you could see them. We learned what will save us money and what will cost a bit more. I believe I know now what I want for my kitchen! We even looked at a little paint too. That's what I love but I'm not exactly good at it (note the lime green colour of my kitchen currently). 

Afterwards we went out to supper with no cell phones allowed. Casey did pretty well other than an actual important call from his dad. 

We waited until our movie time in the bookstore, which is my happy place. I could literally live in there. I guess it's good that we have none on the island. We saw divergent and it was really good. I read the book beforehand. I'm not done the last one but I need to get on that!


When we got up in the morning it was snowing quiet a lot, and it was giving bad driving conditions for the trip home, so we ate breakfast and left early. The ride was scary until about half way to Saint John, where it turned to rain and was fine. We went to the mall for a bit, walked around and basically took our time.

After we went to Home Depot again and actually took some photos of what we liked (style wise anyways, not brand) and then went to the bookstore again before driving to the ferry.

The ferry trip was ridiculously rough. I don't think I've been on it that rough before. I took a bunch of photos because the waves were so big.

When we got home after picking up Harper, I put Harper to bed, cleaned up around the house, and then relaxed some before bed. 


  1. Mouth. Watering. That's all I got today. Thanks for the #foodporn!!
    Happy Monday!

    1. Anytime! :) I don't really like to eat my own cooking much, so I am usually alright to bake things like this sometimes.

  2. Wow, I can't imagine getting on and off a ferry to go somewhere else--that is so neat! I bet your island is just breathtaking :)


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