Island Life: Weekly Recap


I was still struggling with the time change. I apparently was so over tired that I couldn't sleep well. Now I know what the books mean when it happens to babies.

Monday is always our day to run errands and get groceries, so we did just that.

Harper took a few steps on her own last night and today. Not walking yet, but starting to learn!


This was our smash cake day! I baked Harpers cake and then Sable came down in the afternoon and we frosted them with whipping cream. 

Caleb and Sable stayed for supper and then we took the girls to Kristas house for the photos. They turned out good! 


Basically nothing going on except I worked and hung out with Harper in the evening. 


We had a lot of freezing rain during the night so the drive to work sucked. Then my stupid windshield broke out of nowhere, which sucked even worse!! 

We went to Casey's parents for supper and I missed hockey yet again. Thursday evenings are hard to get to hockey! I need to leave by 5:45 and I only leave work at 4:30, go home, and have to eat supper and feed Harper. Hopefully I can get the hang of it soon! I hate missing hockey!! 

Apparel I wasn't having a great day! 


Hung out with Harper, ran a few errands, baked cupcakes, made supper and pie (happy pi day!), and then cleaned and organized a bit. Very productive day! 


Went away on the first ferry to go get our windshield fixed. Walked around a couple furniture stores while we waited. Had lunch at the wok box (yummy!) and did a bit of shopping (& Costco!).

After Harper went to bed I made some major progress on my cross stitching and watched a couple episodes of Doctor Who. Casey is away to the Boston Seafood Show so I'm a lone duck tonight. 


Harper is really full of snot. But, she's playing pretty normally. Aunt Krista took her for the afternoon because she wanted some Harper time. I took advantage of the time and did lots of cleaning and organizing. 

After supper we visited my dad, step mom, brother and sister since we haven't been over in a while.


  1. Harper is a doll. :)

    Is that a s'mores pie? It looks DELICIOUS.

    1. Thank you :)

      No, it's not smores pie, it's just (low fat) chocolate pie with low fat cool whip lol. But smores pie sounds WAY better! I'm not a big pie fan, so I just went simple.


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