Island Life: Weekly Recap

I'm always looking for a reason for a blog post. Usually, I have zero creativity and not a terrible amount of spare time on my hands so don't post a whole lot other than my normal Baby Talk on Tuesdays, Weigh in Wednesdays, and 5 on Friday. Anyway, I think I should do a little recap of our week, if not for me, then for Harper to look back on and see what we were up to in the early years.

So, here goes.


This monday wasn't terribly eventful. I gather my mom and Harper and we venture out on some errands. Take the garbage out, get groceries, do what needs to be done.

Harper loves grocery shopping with Nana!
We had supper at Casey's parents and visited with Caleb and Sable, since they just got home from their vacation.

Harper went to Aunt Kristas house in the evening and I went to hockey.

Wow, I'm just realizing now that I've got the worst memory possible. Maybe this is a good idea, so I don't forget everything!


This day, we mostly just hung out around the house. I worked on more of Harpers birthday stuff.

Harper was a real challenge for supper. She screamed and cried and wouldn't eat anything. Very frustrating!

We did figure out that she loves apples though!


Harpers one year check up! Wow! Weighing in at 19 lbs, 13 oz, our baby girl is almost a year old!

We also got her diaper rash looked at. It's been a long battle with it, and I really want it to be over!

Supper went MUCH better this evening!

We had chicken dinner. Apparently it was good :)

Ran a few errands with Harper and my mom, then brought my mom over to do some laundry and work work work on getting everything done for Harpers party. We finished the snowball garland and I baked the sugar cookies I used as party favours. I must say, I'm terrible at piping actual things. Like snowflakes. Terrible.

I missed hockey because I wasn't even remotely ready to go when the time came around. It's an earlier night and I seem to have a hard time being ready to go by 5:45. I don't imagine it'll be better this week, since I'll be working beforehand.


Happy Birthday Harper! One year ago at 3:31 PM, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl! We love you so much!

Harper's Birthday Cupakes :)
We didn't actually do anything special, since the party is set for saturday. We had supper with Casey's parents though, and I'm pretty sure we went to bed semi early.

Does this mean we have a toddler now?!


It's party day! I've been working on the preparations for the better part of a month and a half, and it's finally time to party! I'm hoping to get pictures back from my aunt so I can post all the details on tuesday. We had a lot of no-shows, but that's okay. Those who came had fun, and Harper had fun playing with the kids.

We had supper with Casey's parents again. Seems like we do that a lot! It was welcome though, because I was beat by 3 PM and not really feeling the thought of preparing a meal.

However, I did actually finish my cleaning schedule for the week. I don't usually do that. I usually stop by like Thursday, and then go on a cleaning binge on monday. Yay for organization!

Taking care of business


Sunday is usually our family day. We go up to Caseys parents for sunday dinner and usually hang around for a couple hours visiting with the family.

I went to hockey at 4. I always have fun there. :)

In the evening, we had supper, and Harper hung out with her dad, because she doesn't get a lot of chance to do so during the week.

I do my meal planning and grocery list for the week as well. After, I cross stitched and watched TV. What a crazy night. Hahaha!


  1. This sounds like a great week--Happy One Year to Harper! What a sweetie. Hope you had a great day and that she had fun at the party too!

  2. Aww sorry that she's had a bad diaper rash. Do you feel like cloth diapers make any difference in this area? I'm considering doing cloth but I've heard mixed reports! I'd love your input!

    1. We didn't have one single rash for over 6 months. But we've been battling this one for over 2 months. I asked the Doctor about it and he said that taking her out and putting her in disposables wouldn't make a difference. He said he sees rashes in both.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday, Harper!!


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