40 Bags in 40 Days {Days 11-20}

I'm really happy with how well I'm doing with this challenge. I usually give up after a week or so, but so far, I'm holding strong! Yay!

After this bunch of days, I wish that I had taken a photo of our sunroom before I started. I'm sure that it will look drastically different when I'm through!

This drawer is always so full of junk. I think I have an addiction to buying body products and if I don't like them, I end up stashing them somewhere to gather dust for the rest of eternity. I actually have a basket full of products in my downstairs bathroom. I need to tackle that one of these days!

I'm super happy with this project. I got the shoe organizer from Walmart. It's not exactly what I wanted, but it's what I found, and since we don't have a Walmart readily accessible, I got what I could at the time. I've been wanting to get all my cleaning gear together in one place for a long time, but my big push was Harper's interest in the place where I kept them before. She wouldn't leave them alone, so away they went!

I think that this one is probably my favourite project so far. I used the same labels I used on my dry goods, and got some cheap bins at Target. I love that I know where everything is and what I have in there. Added bonus is that if something spills or leaks, it's in a bin, so cleanup isn't a big deal!

I have mentioned before how overwhelming I feel when I think about tackling my sunroom. My project with the gift bags is out there, but so is soooooo much other stuff. It's where we throw things that we don't know what to do with. The hockey gear lives there. The Christmas tree. Winter jackets. Seasonal decorations (actually organized into bins). You get the picture. Everything lives there. This is actually the first day that I went right out there and started to purge. There were sooo many books out there that we will never look at again. I went through them and these are the ones worth donating.

Seeing as I find the sunroom really overwhelming, I moved out to the dining room for 2 days. This first drawer wasn't too bad. It was already 'organized' into these boxes, but the boxes needed to be purged. The misc box is where things that need to be kept but that don't really have a place live. Like the extra pieces to our dryer and vacuum. The mason jars are batteries.

This drawer was under the above drawer. It too was 'organized' into these boxes, but they also needed purging. There is actually room in this drawer for other things if need be now!

I decided on this project at random. I hadn't really thought about it, but I was in that room and thought, 'heck, why not?' It wasn't packed full, but there were things that needed to be tossed. Bags we'll never use, shoes that weren't good anymore, old things from university. Now the shoes are in a good place, our bag collection is minimal, and I took the pile of winter jackets from the dreaded sunroom and hung them up nicely in here.

I finally filled a bag enough to call it good from the sunroom. I sort of wish I had taken a before photo of that room, but honestly, I probably wouldn't post it because it was that bad!

A box with books to get rid of. Mostly Casey's this time, old text books and whatever. Nothing we'll ever use again!

I feel like I'm actually constantly doing this, but I got all of Harper's old clothes together in one place. There were a few bags in various places, but now they're all together, waiting to be sorted and got rid of. This is a progression of her pyjamas from the one we brought her home from the hospital in. It made me a bit teary!

I really do feel like I need to constantly cycle through her clothes to  make sure that I'm not missing anything that fits now, and taking out what doesn't. I suppose that's because she's little and growing super fast. Sigh.


  1. Oh my--you are doing so well!! I read about this challenge and made it to my kitchen junk drawer. Was very proud of how that turned out. 10 days later...haven't done anything else:( You make me want to throw some stuff away now!!!!

    1. Thank you! It's been a lot of hard work, but my real motivator is that we'll be moving in a years time and I REALLY want the clutter to be gone! :)


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