Food Fight

When I had Harper, I really didn't know as much as I should have when it came to babies...

I know how to do an APGAR score. I know what the normal ranges for vital signs are. I know how to slip them tylenol. I know a really good technique for holding them when you have to give them an IV, and one for when you have to give them a breathing treatment.

But when it comes to feeding my child, I apparently haven't got a clue.

I really should have read a book about feeding babies, instead of just about sleep.

I wrote a post about how I quit baby led weaning, you can read it here.

Turns out, I didn't really quit. I just didn't do it strictly. We gave purees and solids. I tried making my own baby food, and it wasn't that bad, but I really hated the part where you go to heat it up, and it's like boiling hot in 15 seconds. I hate microwaves.

Anyway, I'm currently having a hard time finding things to feed her. I try to use the 'just feed her what you're having' approach' but she doesn't always eat what we're eating, because she throws it on the floor...and then whines and cries all evening because she's hungry, but throws everything on the floor.

I have a short list of things I know I can feed her, because I know she likes it.

Here it is:

Banana Oatmeal Bites

That's about it. I really don't want to feed my child pasta at every meal...but she loves it!

LOVES bananas!

The other night, we were having chicken stir fry, and she screamed bloody murder through the whole meal. Then, she took a red pepper, and quietly ate it, and then continued screaming.

Drama. Queen.

Last night, we had chicken fajitas. She didn't even bother putting any of that in her mouth, it all went on the out came the leftover pasta and she gobbled that down like there was no tomorrow!

So....if any of you mamas out there have any advice for me, PLEASE, I am in need of help!

Anyway, and now, we're also in the middle of trying to wean off formula/bottles and onto whole milk/sippy cups.

I'll let you know how that goes....


  1. Who ever thought feeding your child something they would eat would be such a task. Madelyn loves everything Harper does. She also loves meat sticks, beans (especially refried with some cheddar cheese on top), applesauce, ham, mandarin oranges, pears, peaches, green beans, sweet peas, hummus and odd things like black olives and capers! Although I must say one day she may love something and two days later she vigorously signs "all done" because there's no way she's going to eat it! Kids ;-)

    1. I was WAY to slack on the baby sign language thing...I should have stuck to it!

  2. When I started feeding C solids, I tried a lot of fruits and veggies first. Steamed sweet potatoes and carrots, avocado, banana, raspberries, strawberries etc. I just kept trying new things and checked them off the list!
    I also gave him lots of meat...he loved ribs, hamburgers...anything really. Just keep plugging away! Remember too, it may take multiple attempts/occasions for them to eat or actually like a certain food. So don't cross one off after one 'I-don't-like-this' face :)

    1. I always try with whatever we have....and then cook her an egg if she refuses...I hope she does take to some of it someday!

  3. I'll send HD to the Island. I have ZERO advice on this since my kid is a vacuum. He has however most recently decided that carbs and meat are far more superior than veggies. He's still okay with fruit, but they're at the bottom of his "I must have these" list. Don't give up. She'll get hungry eventually and realize that you have awesome food to offer. One thing you might want to try is instead of giving her what she wants (pasta), take the tray of food away and when she gets whiny again bring it back out. Over time you'd think she'd start to associate that she isn't going to keep getting what she wants she has to eat what she gets. Henry would eat pasta eat every meal if we let him!

    1. Ooooh Pasta...what is the deal with it anyway??

      I do take it away from her, but to no avail. Usually I heat it up again for her too while I've got it, but she still hasn't gotten the picture.

  4. Feeding babies & toddlers is SO overwhelming, no matter how you go about it. I think as long as your kiddo's health and well being is your #1 priority, that's all you can do! You're doing great mama! Thanks for linking up. :)

    1. I know! I never knew this would be such an issue! I'm just gonna keep on trying, hopefully she takes to some of it soon! Thanks for reading!


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