First Birthday Plans

I've been starting to think about Harper's first birthday. I wanna do something cute and fun, and invite all her little friends and our family. I had all these crazy plans in my head, but I am not very good at getting them out of my head and into reality.

Our colours are going to be mint, lavender, and grey, and I think they go great with our theme: Winter One-derland!

Pretty cute, eh??

I ordered some super cute invitations from this store on Etsy. The PDF was emailed to me within a couple of days, so I can print them out at my leisure. That's pretty great, if you ask me!

I also ordered custom decorations from this shop on Etsy. It includes some super cute stuff, like a happy birthday flag banner, cupcakes wrappers & toppers, flags, and a few other things. They customized it for me, in my colours.

I'm trying to hunt down a plain white t-shirt so I can use fabric glue and sparkles to write the word ONE in cursive on it. I found a cute skirt pattern so I'm gonna make one for her in the lavender fabric I have stashed away.

I had to make sure I had a co-ordinating diaper to match, and I based on one of my colour decisions on my favourite AppleCheeks diaper, coriander.

Tiny baby Harper in Coriander.
I bought some white yarn to make Pom Poms and use them as 'snowflake' decorations. I'd like to try to make a ruffled table cloth, if I have enough lavender fabric after I make the skirt.

I still feel like there are a lot of things I need to get from the mainland. I suppose that means a trip is in order, but I'm not overly excited about going away just to get birthday stuff. I tried to get as much done as I could while I was away last time, but things just coming up that I needed after I got home.

I feel like I'm winging everything else! I really want the food display to look good, but I am afraid that if I spend a whole bunch of time on it, the kids at the party (namely Harper) will use the table cloth to stand up and I'll lose the whole thing onto the floor!

The place we're having the party has lots of toys, so I don't think I'll do anything by way of games or entertainment. I think they'll be able to entertain themselves for an hour or so, and we'll have food and drinks to eat too. I'm not sure if you really can organize games much for 1 year olds! :)

As for food, I think we'll just do things like fruit, veggies, crackers, dips, and maybe a couple of cute things like cupcakes and cookies. I don't want to go overboard on the sweets, since there will be lots of young kids there. I'm not even sure I wanna do the smash cake at this party. We're going to do "smash cake photos" and I feel like that'll be good enough. Maybe I'll just let her have a cupcake at the party. :)

Originally I was hoping to have a 'kid' party, then a 'family' party. But, my family is going south this year over Harper's actual birthday, so I feel like this one is going to be one big one. I'm glad I am having it at the church, because my house is so split up, there is no way we would be able to get everyone in here.

Did/will you make grand plans for your little one's first birthday? How did it go?


  1. You sound like a GREAT party planner!!!! ;)

    1. Haha thanks! I've been working on this since she was born! :P

  2. LOVE these colors, and the Winter One-derland theme - so clever!

    We kept Colton's birthday fairly low-key., I made a couple banners, some cupcakes, chili, and put out chips and cut up veggies with dip. It was perfect! Sounds like Harper's will be too :)

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping everything goes well!

  3. We ended up having two because we wanted to have one here and one in Tennessee with my family. I just used the same theme for both so I was able to reuse all of the decorations! Plus since we did a football theme, I can reuse the decorations for a future football party :)


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