5 on Friday!

Linking up for 5 on Friday, since I totally forgot last week!


This game is the devil. Casey got this score. I can't even get past 21. It makes me a whole new level of angry.


Having an Epicure party tonight! Pretty pumped. I've been hooked on it since I went to my first party ages ago, and I'm just now having my own! I don't know why I haven't before, but I am now!


I'm getting closer to my next weight goal, so I've been sort of looking around for a reward for myself. I think I want to get either this top or this one. I can't decide. Opinions?


 I finally got my Aida fabric for my frosted pumpkin stitchery project! I've been working away at it as best I can. The fabric I got is JUST big enough. Hopefully I can get it all on there! 


AppleCheeks is having another diaper release on Valentines day!! I'm so excited!! I am seriously hoping for a pink/purple diaper, but I actually have a couple theories since they said it's something they've NEVER done before. 

Theory 1: They re-release an 'accident' diaper as an actual diaper. For example, Dark Cherry Tomato and St. Lucia Too are just different coloured batches of an original colour. They have NEVER released a mistake as an actual lineup diaper. 

Theory 2: They release a swim diaper colour as an actual diaper colour. I'm SERIOUSLY hoping for Samoan Sunset or Pickled Pink. I LURVVVV these colours!! 


  1. Cloth diapers are just too cute - I love the patterns and colors!

    I would go with the Hello Dottie tunic, I've had my eye on that one too!

  2. Visiting from the linkup! Hope your party went well! We cloth-diaper too and I get so excited for new colors/patterns :)

    1. Thanks! The party did go well. Lots of people came! I'm a total cloth diaper addict, but I only use AppleCheeks. We couldn't ask for a better fit!

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