Looking Back at 2013

I did this same post last year, and going back to look at it was strange. All those things seem so long ago, but not long at all, at the same time. This year has been full of so many new adventures, with so many more to come. Next year will be amazing too!


Had my baby shower. 

Finished work & started maternity leave. 


Took refuge from a storm in Saint John for the weekend. 

Went to a Saint John Milrats game. 

Vacated the island and went to the city.

Became obsessed with Sherlock (BBC). 

Much and more walking. 

Harper Marion Elizabeth Benson was born! 


Harper got out of the NICU and we got to bring her home! 

Ellie Belle was born! I have the cutest niece in the world! 

Harper slept her first 6 hour stretch (WOOOO HOOOOO!).

Had a flood in our house. Chaos! 

Became obsessed with Game of Thrones.

Became obsessed with AppleCheeks cloth diapers. 


Brian and Erin visited. 

Wrote the Canadian Emergency Nurse Certification exam. Failed it by 3%. 

Bought a dishwasher (Finally!). 

Harper's first swim.


Had my first Mothers Day. 

Went gulls egging. Harper's first time.

Casey turned 24. 


Planted a garden.

Had many outdoor adventures. Swimming, walking, hiking. 


Harpers first Canada day. 

Went to Yarmouth for Brian and Erins wedding.

Celebrated 8 years of being together with my love. 


Took part in the Rotary Festival Parade (Won 1st prize). 

Nanny Ingersoll turned 75. Doesn't act like she's a day over 40 yet. She's the best. 

Celebrated our 3rd anniversary. 

Went to the Sussex flea market. Disappointing. 

Harper can roll both ways.

Went whale watching for the first time in years. Got to see a whale breach. 

Went to see Matchbox 20 and the Goo Goo Dolls in concert. Amazing!

Harper is 6 months old!


Took up Sewing. 

Dexter came to an end. 

Went on the Sea Doo around the island. Saw whales and porpoises. 

Harper can sit unassisted. 


Harper's first trip to camp on the 4 wheeler. 

Harper's first thanksgiving. 

Harper's first Halloween.

Harper got her first teeth. 


Started playing ladies hockey! LOVE IT!

Harper can army crawl. 

Went to Rhoda's Christmas Market again. So fun!

Harper can get from laying to sitting.


Harper can say Mama. 

Harper can crawl. 

I turned 25. Yikes!

Harper's first Christmas!

Harper's first New Year!



  1. Babies with Christmas lights get me every time! She is so adorable :)

  2. Aww what a great year! Gotta love that obsession with Sherlock and GoT! Harper is so adorable! I love that you are documenting all of her stages and changes!

    1. I probably should have added that I became obsessed with Dr Who this december. I am already on season 3!


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