5 on Friday!


I've never tried the EOS lip gloss before because I generally prefer something in my pocket (even though I always end up putting then through the wash). Anyway I bought the strawberry sorbet one a couple days ago and oh my word it's awesome! I'm in love! 


If you're a game of thrones fan I'm sure you've seen the new trailer for the upcoming season 4. If not check it out! 


Today we're headed to universal studios islands of adventure. I'm PUMPED! Casey and I love roller coasters. I'm most especially excited to see the new Harry Potter part. I posted about that a couple weeks ago but the day has finally come. Yay!! 


Last night we went out to eat at the golden coral. I can't even tell you how yummy it was. I was basically starving though, since we ate breakfast in Montreal at 8ish and didn't eat again until 6 PM after our flight and drive to Okee. Thank goodness Casey's gram had a few granola bars on hand or I might have actually fainted. 


Check out these beauties! I used a gift card to the mall (well some of it) and got them for our cruise. They're 100$ normally, we got them for 35$. Score!! 


  1. 1. Love Eos! The mint one is my favourite.

    2. Um, I love Game of Thrones! SO EXCITED for new season.

    3. Make sure you have butterbeer and get the slushy one! You'll love it. :)

    4. I've never been to Golden Corral. I'll have to give it a whirl when I'm down there.

    5. Beautiful shoes. I love shoes, aren't they great?

    Have a wonderful trip!!!

  2. First, I love EOS! Second, those shoes are hawt!



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