These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things: Aden + Anais

I've been really super slack the past 4 or so days, and I was kind of scrambling to think of what to write today, but when I was picking up Harper from my dad's house, I was telling my Step Mom about how much we love Aden + Anais products. Then it hit me, why not write about that?

My obsession started with a single teal muslin swaddle that I bought from a friend, who sells some from her little boutique. I basically only bought it because I love teal. Well, I love that thing. I used it a lot in the summer, because it was so light, that I knew she wasn't going to overheat. It can be used for anything really! A swaddle, a burp cloth, a blanket, a canopy, whatever you need. It's SO breathable, I never worried about it falling on her face or smothering her {I did not leave her with it on top of her alone!!!}.

Anyway, then I got a cozy swaddle in sugar plum from a surprise bag that I bought. I only got 2 of these bags ever, because they take a really long time to ship from the US. They always had good stuff in them though. I started getting a different bag from a Canadian store, and I'm happy with that.

The cozy swaddle is made of muslin too. It's just like the teal one I bought, except it's got more layers and is much warmer. We like that now, because it's nice to keep in the car to cover Harpers legs!

I bought a bamboo dream blanket from them later on, and it's the softest blankie ever. When I got it, it had a lot of runs and snags in it, and I was really disappointed. I assume it was sitting on a shelf in a store and got handled a lot. Anyway, I emailed their customer service, sent them pictures of the damage, and they sent me a brand new one, free of charge. Now I have 2, just in case! Amazing customer service!!!

Then, I bought a cozy sleep sack for Harper, once she outgrew the sleep sack I got for my shower. It's got lots of layers, and is nice and warm, which is great because our house is kind of cold! It zips from the top to bottom, so that the zipper isn't in Harpers face. It is really long, so she'll have it for a long time, and be able to grow into it. They actually come in different sizes, for when they get a little bigger. I'm really glad I bought it, we use it every single night, and have no worries that she would ever smother with it on. Sleep sacks are highly recommended to help prevent crib death.

Last but not least, I bought a classic muslin security blanket 'issie' the other day at the market. It's really light, and nice and small, so I can let her have it without worrying about her getting it over hear head and not being able to breathe.

I highly recommend you check out these products! They're fantastic quality and the company has amazing customer service! You won't regret it!


  1. We LOVE the swaddle blankets. Clay is 15 months now and has to have one in his crib with him at night. It starts out covering him then ends up being wadded up and snuggled like a pillow. Silly kid. Anyway, we've had them since before he was born and they show no wear at all!


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