Harper's First Christmas

This Christmas was great! But it was over so fast. The blink of an eye was all it took!

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Our Christmas starts on Christmas Eve, when we have our traditional Chinese feast at my In-laws. Yummo! After that, we went to the Christmas Eve candle light service at the Seal Cove Weslyan church. We grew up around this church and it's Baptist neighbour, so we decided that was where we would attend the service. It was short, but really nice. Which was great, because we brought Harper, and it was just about bed time. We sat in front of 2 rows of family who took great pleasure in passing her around and giving her loves.

After church, we put Harper to bed at my In-laws, then we headed up to spend some time with some of my Stepmother's family. We always have a great time there on Christmas eve. We played Heads Up, and I have to say, they were amazing at the Totally 80's category. They put me to shame. Guess I'll stick with Fictional Characters!

We stayed all night at Casey's parents, since that was where Harper was and it would just be easier to not have to wake her up and lug her up there. Well, it was true, but I felt bad, because poor Harper got woke up before she normally would, and went to bed after she normally would. This was the result:

What's going on!?

I can't help but laugh every time I see this photo!

We opened presents at Casey's parents house, then we had breakfast. 

New rocking horse from grammie and grampy! 

We got dressed and lugged Harper down to our house, and opened her gifts there. 

Harper & Thor opening gifts together!

I stand by my decision to not buy her anything for Christmas. She didn't NEED anything, and we're fortunate enough to be able to get her things if she does need them. Besides, you can spend as much as you want on a child, they're still going to love the box it came in!

Yay for boxes!
After, we went to my Grandmother's house to visit. They were having breakfast there too, so Harper had an egg, but we were already full. After that, we were able to go  back to Casey's parents to give Harper a nap. She slept for around 2 hours, but she was exhausted! After, she played there for a bit, then had another nap, and we went to round 1 of turkey dinner at 4.

Peas are amazing baby entertainment! 
We went to my dad's house for round 2 of turkey dinner. We spent the rest of our evening there, and finally went home to our bed. It was a long but wonderful day! Harper got lots of great gifts, and mama even got a few great things. Check this out!!

Thank you Sue!! It's AWESOME!!

It even snowed a bit, which was amazing. I don't remember the last actual white Christmas we had. Must have been when I was a kid.

White Christmas! The large grey space is normally ocean in this photo, but it's blocked by the snow! 
I hope everyone else had a great holiday with their families. I loved spending it with mine, though I'm lucky enough to have a family that likes to spend time together all year, not just at Christmas.

Also, Happy New Year everyone!


  1. I love your wooden tree! She looks like a little angel in her Christmas outfit covered in peas :)

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    1. Thank you! It's actually my Mother in law's tree, her dad made it. It's really pretty at night.


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