George R. R. Martin - A Feast For Crows

This will contain spoilers. 

I'm not going to lie, I'm mostly going to copy my review from Goodreads to here. With a few additions. 

Well, this book was long, and difficult for me to trudge through. There wasn't a whole lot of the 'action' of the 3rd book, which I must say, I was slightly disappointed about, though, I knew it was coming. 

This book doesn't contain most of your favourite characters. It has chapters by Jamie, Cersi, Brienne, Sam, Arya, and then a few other random people, that don't overly matter. Well, I shouldn't say that. They do matter in the overall plot, but it's a long journey to get the 'bigger picture' at the end of the book. BUT, it was, in my opinion, necessary. 

I have to say, I was pretty disturbed with what was going on with Cersi, and it should take A LOT to disturb me when it comes to her. The whole Qyburn as a sort of Josef Mengele was sickening to me. It was a little ridiculous of Cersi to just send people to him, when she was bored with them, or couldn't think of somewhere better for them to be. But, I suppose that is the essence of Cersi, a ego centric sadistic whore who believes all should bow to her and her magical vagina. I have to say, I thought her last chapter was the best of the book. I was so happy to see her get a taste of her own medicine! I'm interested to see what happens to her! 

Jaimie develops quite a bit in this book. He starts out extremely down and seems sort of depressed about what's happened to him. Cersi doesn't seem to care how he feels, so he feels more alone than ever. What Tyrion said to him before he escaped haunted him throughout he whole book. It made me feel horrible for him. Even though he is in love with his sister. Everyone said Jaimie would become a fan favourite, and they weren't wrong. Now, all he strives for is to regain a little honour and do a good job defending Tommen, so that his story gets written in the White Book of the Kingsguard and it doesn't seem so short and insignificant. I think the way he handled the ending of the siege fantastically. 

Arya doesn't get very many chapters, but I doubt there was really much more to say about her story line other than what was said. She's studying to become a faceless man, by some strange manner, and I believe she's being punished for killing someone, and woke up blind at the end of her last chapter. I thought it was interesting how she crossed paths with Sam in Braavos. 

Brienne doesn't catch a break. She's been on a wild goose chase for Sansa Stark/Arya and has made absolutely no progress. And by the sounds of it, she's been hanged by Zombie Catelyn Stark. I was surprised by this, I thought Cat would have mercy on her, but apparently not. 

Sam did pretty well for himself in this book. Aside from Maester Aemon dying... He became a little braver, and even got laid! Go Sam! I was sort of sad for Gilly after I found out that Jon had switched her baby, that would be horrible. 

It'll be interesting to see what happens when Cersi learns that Myrcella has been mutilated! I was kind of getting annoyed with the whole story line down in Dorne, I just wished it would get to the point. It did, finally, at the end of the book.

I was also annoyed by the story over in the Iron Islands, since I never liked most of them from the beginning. It'll be interesting to see, though, what happens with them trying to steal the dragons. All I have to say is, good luck! 

I really wanted to see more of Zombie Catelyn Stark - Or Lady Stoneheart. I guess she lived up to her new name. No mercy for anyone! 

All in all, the book was not very exciting, but full of lots of thick plot that I'm sure will be important later. I'm excited to get into book 5, but I hope that we don't have years and years to wait for 6!