My Favourite Cloth Diapering Accessories

Linking up again for Baby Talk Tuesdays!

When you cloth diaper your baby, you soon find out that there are a few things that make your life easier. Here are some of my favourites!

Delish Naturals Yum Bum Butter

You're not supposed to use 'normal' diaper cream when you use cloth diapers, because it builds up and can actually ruin your diaper's waterproof barrier, and cause leaks (yuck). Basically, you just can't use anything with a petroleum base. There are a few different brands you can use, however, but this one is my favourite. They have tons of different scents, and they're all natural. Our favourite so far is Vanilla Banana, but we have used samples of Monkey Farts, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Coconut Lime, and Kiwi Kiss.

Delish actually has a ton of great products. Here is a list of their retailers in Canada and the US. I kinda wanna try out their Sea Salt Scrub. We have their body/hair wash in Tink Wing and it's really nice and gentle on Harper's hair.

My personal stash of Delish.

AppleCheeks Flushable Liners

These flushable liners are super soft! They line cloth diapers, as a barrier between your babies bottom and their diaper. You can use it if you need to use a medicated cream on your little ones bottom. I love these for on the go, because there's nothing worse than stuffing your wetbag with a poopy diaper, knowing you're going to have to dig it out and spray it off when you get home. You can just dump this whole liner right in the flush and it's done.

These things rock my socks. 

Maxwell Designs Stow It All Diaper Clutch

My lovely Limited Edition Rainbow Chevron Maxwell Designs Stow it all! 

This little number is awesome! It holds a couple diapers, some wipes, a wetbag and my wipe solution! Instead of lugging my diaper bag everywhere I go, I can just throw this in my purse and go! It's awesome if I'm just going to the grocery store or I'm not going to be out all day. But WAIT! It IS awesome if I'm gonna be gone all day! Pack a couple of these bad boys and you can go all day long! The inside is made of PUL, in case any spills happen, and you can wash if if they do. There is a nice front compartment where I keep my wipes and wipe solution, and a nice little handle on the side for traveling purposes. I love this thing!

Holding 2 Size 2 AppleCheeks, a handfull of AppleCheeks bamboo wipes, and a size 1 wetbag! Plus my Yum Bum Butter and AppleCheeks wipe solution in the front! 

AMP Diaper Sprayer

We bought this before Harper was born, on the advice of others who use cloth. We (unfortunately) waited until after she was born to install it and, due to some calcified pipes, had a massive flood in our house. This likely won't happen to you, seeing as our house is 120+ years old. Anyway, the diaper sprayer itself is awesome.  you can control how much force it gives, and it does a great job of getting all the poop into the toilet. No more swishing your diaper around in the flush! Yay!

The Laundry Tarts Dryer Tumbler Ball

My drier ball is in the middle. I LOVE it! 

I was skeptical before I bought one of these. I see them all over the place, made of wool or different things. I like these ones specifically because they smell amazing!!! I have the birthday cake scent, and it's so nice! It makes my diapers smell yummy! Also, it makes the fleece in on the diapers super soft! I don't usually dry my diapers in the dryer ever, but once in a while, I run them through with this thing, with no heat, and it makes them nice and soft and smell awesome!

AppleCheeks Size 1 Wetbag

These things are essential to cloth diapering. I have 4 (I think) and I try to always keep one in my diaper clutch and diaper bag (though I seem to forget more often than I should). You can fit quite a few diapers in one of them, and they do a good job of containing everything until I can get it into the washer. They can be used for anything though, it doesn't have to be diapers. Wet swimsuit or towel? Yup! These things are awesome!