Making November MY Month

I started out October with such motivation. I lost it when Aunt Flo came to visit, and ate armfuls of Halloween candy. I never really got it back. After eating almost our whole box of chocolate that we're supposed to give out to kids (thankfully we didn't get very many), I decided that November is going to be MY month. I'm going to take this month and kick it's butt.

I have no excuses in November. It's not my birthday. There are no holidays (in Canada). I have no excuse. Time to step it up. I almost always last 2 weeks being really good, then I fall off the wagon hardcore, and struggle to get back on.

My mother in law did a really hardcore sugar detox when Harper was born, and has been basically paleo since then. She is going to do another sugar detox, starting the 4th of November, so check her FB page out and send her a message for the information.

I'm not doing the sugar detox. I know I can't limit myself that much. It's like if I go a whole week with no chocolate, then I go CRAZY and eat ALL the chocolate. I just want to make good food choices, without going super hardcore and never eating sugar again.

I decided on rewarding myself every 5 lbs I lose. With THINGS, not FOOD. My first 5, I bought Harper a Aden + Anais Dream Blanket that I'd been wanting to get her. My second 5, I bought myself a Life Planner. For my next 5 lbs, I'm going to use my spa gift cards and get a massage and a haircut. I'm quite excited for that! Now, I just need to get my butt in gear and get to that goal! It's only a few more pounds away, AND it's my pre-pregnancy weight. I'll be happy to get back to that, but I'll also be happy to see it in the rear view mirror. I'd like to be safely under that by my birthday.

So, if you see me in the month of November, and I'm eating something I shouldn't, smack it out of my hand and when I ask you what the heck, say "YOU KNOW WHY!"