I'm Seeing a Pattern

I've been trying really hard to eat well and be as active as I can lately.

All summer I walked pretty much every day with Harper and Luna. I put in around 4 KM each day just walking. But now that it's much much MUCH colder, I am really wary taking Harper outside. I took her in her Ergo carrier to the beach today, and I felt like her face was too cold and she wasn't comfortable. It wasn't a very long walk, but I felt like I needed to get her back to the car.

So, as an alternative to walking every day, I've been trying to get out to some sporty activities in the evenings. I am very fortunate to have lots of family that is willing and able to watch Harper while I go out.

On Monday, I have hoop dance class, which I love. After that, I go right to hockey (skills night) which totally kicked my butt this week. I didn't get to hoop though this week, because Casey wasn't home in time for me to go.

On Tuesday I go to badminton. When I was in high school, I thought it was a stupid game that wasn't even a sport. I was wrong. SO wrong. It's super high energy and I get my sweat on hardcore!

On Wednesday, I have been going to Zumba. They have it Monday nights too, but clearly my Monday evenings are too full to add something else.

Thursday evening I have hockey again, these nights are scrimmage nights. I've only been out to one of these type of nights so far, due to the start of lobster fishing and the need to actually buy a couple of pieces of gear that fit.

Friday is where everything seems to fall apart. A local restaurant started putting on wing night on Friday night, and we've been going as much as we can. I would like to think this is the only night I indulge, but it's not. There isn't anything fitness related for me to go to on friday, and I enjoy the time with my husband and whoever else we go with, usually Caleb and Sable. I can eat well usually up until this evening, when I have wings. I try to have a really healthy supper and fill up on good for me food before I go, so I'm not starving and don't eat a ton of wings. Usually I only get 5-10 down, my average is like 7. It's not uncommon to see someone put away 30 of those things, so I thought I was doing good at 7. I don't even want to think about where they come from or how many calories they have in them.

On Saturday, I don't really have anything to do. Every other saturday is market day on the island, so we normally attempt to go to that. Sometimes I can be good and just get a sandwich and other times I want ALL the chocolate.

Sunday is usually a family day for us, but since lobster fishing started, it's basically just like any other day. Soon we'll be able to have family time again, when things slow down. There is hockey at 4, which will be good.

See what I mean when I say I am starting to see a pattern?

I stay firmly planted on the wagon until friday night, at which time I jump off voluntarily and run back down the way I came. I really need to stop doing that. Ideally, I could just have a cheat night on wing night, or on market day, but it seems that I never do that. I just have a cheat weekend instead.

Something else that seems to happen after thursday is I become increasingly lazy. I don't do much of anything really. I have a checklist for housework that has a little for every day, so I just have to do a little every day, and after Thursday I don't seem to even follow that. I half wonder if it's because I over exert myself monday-wednesday and come thursday I just want to rest.

Maybe the problem is that I have no discipline. I don't stick to things as well as I should. Even when it comes to logging my food intake, I do well until suppertime and then I just stop. It's not that I go over my calories every day, but I just get lazy and stop logging. I have made an attempt to stop doing that though, by setting an alarm on MyFitnessPal to alert me if I haven't logged my supper.

I don't think there is a quick fix for my laziness. I think I just need to stop being lazy after thursday/friday. Doesn't sound that hard does it? We shall see!

Our very chilly beach walk
Pretty Strong Medicine


  1. The indulgences should be split up...OK for Friday to be your rest day but make Saturday or Sunday your eating cheat day. Maybe have a little notebook on you to write what you eat; you don't have to record it in MFP the same day.

  2. I found I have to schedule everything and if I do I am more likely to follow through! So I plan all my meals each Sunday for every meal and snack for the following week and only buy those foods. Less room to stray! And I schedule my workouts too!

    1. I've been attempting to meal plan for the last little while. It's actually been going pretty well. The problem starts on the weekends, because I don't usually meal plan for then, since we never know what we're doing. We usually spend quite a lot of time with family on the weekends, so we're not home. I need to work on that too!

  3. The weekends are so so hard for me to. As long as I get some exercise in on either Saturday or Sunday then I don't quite feel so guilty about the rest of the weekend!

    1. That's what I need to do, get some kind of activity in on the weekends!


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