I Quit Baby Led Weaning

In general, I tried not to be too set on anything when it came to child rearing.

I didn't want to say "I WILL breastfeed, even it it KILLS me" or anything of the sort.

If you did, all the power to you, because I'm not that strong-willed.

Also, if I failed at anything, I didn't want to make myself feel like some inferior mother. Other mothers do that for me, so I don't have to.

I was, however, pretty set on Baby Led Weaning (BLW).

This was for a couple of reasons:

1. I hate feeding people.
2. Preservatives are bad.
3. I thought making my own baby food would be too time consuming.

So, I held off on feeding Harper. I could tell she wasn't ready, anyway.

Then came the "Is she getting cereal yet?" "If you don't give her cereal, she'll starve!"

Etc. Etc. Etc...

I kept trying her with foods (The BLW way) and she just kept having zero interest. She didn't really meet all the 'requirements' either.

I made her oatmeal from real oats, but she really wasn't interested either.

I waited.

And waited.

But she still didn't seem interested when I gave her anything, even in one of those mesh bags. She just kept flinging it onto the floor. PS. If you put banana in one of those things, it's REALLY difficult to get clean!

After a while, around about 7 months, maybe a little more, she started to get cranky sooner than she normally would between bottles. She wouldn't eat any more than normal, but you could tell she was looking for something to snack on.

I finally gave in. I bought a bottle of carrots.

She loved it.

She didn't eat a whole lot, maybe an ounce, but that was a good start.

So, I decided to just go ahead and feed her. I was actually quite scared of her choking while doing BLW anyway.

I even made some sweet potato baby food for her. I was given a really nice freezer container for baby food, and I made use of that.

I actually had no idea how to make baby food. Is that weird?

I consulted my lovely group of mommy friends on Facebook, and they educated me, as they always do.

I already own a Magic Bullet (one of the most used pieces in my kitchen...right up there with my keurig, kitchen aid, and toaster!), so I didn't buy anything special to do it.

I'm still learning the ropes of baby food making, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

And, I am quite determined to feed her a wide array of things, even things that don't come in a jar!

If you are interested in BLW, please, do your research. It scared me too much to actually do, because I fear the choking hazard too much. Here is a helpful link to educate yourself, if you have been thinking about it.

Someone likes peaches!


  1. I didn't do this, but I did look in to it. Looks like she enjoyed her peaches.

  2. I haven't had my baby yet so I cannot relate - and haven't heard of BLW either! This post was interesting and helpful though :) I like how she threw the mesh bag on the floor hahahaha. What a way to say, "I do NOT want this!"

  3. She looks like a happy gal now with her hearty veggie puree :) So cute !

  4. I didn't try BLW for the whole choking reason - it terrified me! Check out this post for some DIY Baby Food help :) http://fawver.blogspot.com/2013/08/baby-talk-diy-baby-food.html

  5. We did BLW Mason loved pures for about a month then would refuse to eat them. Honestly the first month of BLW was freaky but iv come to realize most of the time I thought he was choking was him gagging to prevent himself from choking. However I got pretty good at ripping him out of the highchair and patting his back in record time. People often commented on how fast I was at it, haha that's what happens when your a paranoid mom. Anyways if you don't feel comfortable and babe doesn't care for it right now pure is fine. I loved making my own it was super easy to just cook up some extra veggies while preparing dinners. Masons first BLW foods were banana, Avacado and broccoli steamed until it was basically mush lol. :)


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