Halloween Horrible Person

I'll be the first to agree that obesity is a problem in North America. We eat too much, too often, with too little nutritional value. It's all true.

I'm always seeing innovative ways to combat obesity. I like that. I'm all for change, bettering ourselves, and being healthier human beings in general. When I saw this post, I felt many things, but happy was not one of them. I'm not even living in the persons neighbourhood.

If this woman apparently thinks that Halloween is only for skinny kids.

I agree with the fact that parents SHOULD ration their kids candy, but they don't need HER to tell them how to parent.

Plus, I know many kids who I grew up with that were chubby and then they got tall and thinned out considerably.

Also, skinny does not necessarily mean fit, or healthy. This woman is judging kids on their appearance and not on their actual health status, of which she has no idea.

If she doesn't like handing out candy, hand out an apple...or raisins...or NOTHING!!

When I was in nursing school, we were always trying to think up ways to do preventative medicine. This intervention would never fly. Ever. Instead, why not petition to shut down the roads in your neighbourhood and make it safe for the kids to walk door to door (like back in the day), instead of having their parents drive them. That way, no one gets the fat finger pointed at them.

Who wants a little dose of shattered self confidence for Halloween?

If I lived there, I would totally egg her house.

Happy Halloween everyone! My favourite day of all!