Fall of the Wagon 7 Times...

And get up 8 right?

At the first of October, I decided that I was going to eat better.

Knowing that Thanksgiving was coming, as well as Halloween, I made a plan.

I would be really good until Thanksgiving, then at dinner I could have a dessert if I saw something that looked good.

Then, I'd be good  until Halloween and I could have a couple treats at a party if we had one or just on Halloween if not.

I thought I had it pretty well planned out.

I have been tracking everything I eat on the My Fitness Pal app, and between the first of October and Thanksgiving, I lost 5 lbs.

But, something I didn't plan for, was dear sweet Aunt Flo.

She sabotaged everything yesterday.

She got all up in my head and was like

I hate her. 

I did NOT feel good last night, after it was all over. My stomach felt like I swallowed shrapnel. It's not a good  feeling. AT. ALL. 

Anyway, it's over and done with. I need to get back up, brush of the candy bar wrappers, and move on. 

I did pretty well while I was away on Wednesday too. I will give myself that! I did go to Starbucks twice, but as per my usual, I only drank a little of my small drink. I got some sort of Salted Caramel late the first time. It was WAY too much for me. I am not even the kind of person to say something was 'too rich' for me either. I don't even know what that means. Too much chocolate? PUH-LEASE! Anyway, I had  few drinks of it and couldn't do anymore. It was too sugary to be good I guess. I don't know but I threw it away. 

I went on the first boat and I basically walked for the entire day. My legs were throbbing by the time I was done. I was exhausted. I (stupidly) went to Starbucks again before I drove back to the ferry. I got a Chai Late. My first one ever. It was pretty good actually. But, as per usual, I had to warm it up 3 times, and still didn't even finish it. I almost missed the ferry too, it was insane trying to get out of the city. I drove on the ferry at 5:17, and for those of you who don't know, it leaves at 5:30! 

In my books, that's doing pretty well. I normally would have some kind of junk foods. Like ice cream or something from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. The draw of things that I can't get on the island is quite strong, unfortunately. 

Anyways, I'm back at it today. Morning walk, tracking, everything. I hate that it's hard to eat healthy. I hate buying rotten produce at our grocery store. I wish we could get better, fresher fruits and veggies. 

Wishful thinking, I suppose.