DIY Fall Wreath

I love Fall. It's my favourite season!

I know....Ironic right?

October is actually my favourite month too.

Canadian Thanksgiving is in October. Halloween is my favourite day of the year!

No, it's not evil.

Shut your mouth.

Moving on.

I have yet to accumulate much in the decoration department. I just always felt that decorations were a big waste of money.

However, I CAN make them!

I have a bunch of extra burlap from a project I wanted to do in my nursery but never ended up doing, so I wanted to make use of it.

Here's what you need:

Styrofoam wreath
Hot glue
Hemp rope
Seasonal Decorations

I bought a styrofoam wreath at a craft store. It's 18 inches in diameter. You can do whatever size you want, this is just the size I wanted.

I cut 4 strips off my burlap, and wrapped them around the wreath, hot gluing them in place.

I measured the middle of the wreath, where I wanted to put the little banner. It was 12 inches. So I divided that into 4, (3 inches each) for each flag.

I made the top of each triangle 3 inches. The bottom point I made 4 inches down from the middle. I drew the triangles, and I left a little extra burlap at the top of each one so when I glued them to the rope, I could just wrap that part around the rope, and not lose any of my triangle.

I cut my letters out of felt. I was too lazy to cut out the centre of the A so I used a button. I hot glued them onto the burlap triangles.

The hardest part was gluing the flags onto the rope part. I did leave that little piece at the top of the triangles that could be wrapped around the rope. Then I hot glued them in place.

Next, I hot glued the rope to the wreath, where I wanted it. Make sure to hold each side in place until it's dry, so your flag doesn't droop too badly.

I bought the little felt decorations at a local primative decor store.  You can probably make them yourself. My initial idea was to just use plastic sunflowers from the dollar store, but they didn't have any (What's up with that?!) so I checked out the decor store and they had these cute little guys, so I snatched them up, and hot glued them to my wreath!

Next time I can get to a good craft store, I might get some pretty ribbon and make a bow for the top of the wreath.

Pretty simple right?

The hardest part is not burning yourself on the hot glue!!

Happy Crafting!
The rest of my pretty decorations!