Cloth Diapering...Not as hard as you think!

When I first got pregnant, I was totally freaked out. I mean, we were trying to get pregnant, but when it actually happened, all I could think was "Woah! Seriously?" 

I think I tested about 7 times. 

The prospect of motherhood in itself is quite overwhelming. Your whole life changes to revolve around this tiny being that you created.

People are going to tell you that "this way or that way is the ONLY acceptable way to do things." How could you possibly think of doing it another way? That's definitely going to mess your child up for the rest of its life if you do it wrong. 

No pressure. 

Something that was completely and utterly overwhelming to me was the prospect of cloth diapering. I knew I wanted to give it a shot, but I had no clue where to begin. 

I guess I started by pestering my friends who already cloth diapered their children. They are the pros. Trust me. 

I went on a whole bunch of different websites, outlining the different types and brands of cloth diapers, how to use them, and how to wash them. 

How do you possibly choose a type of diaper? Especially if you're trying to do it before your baby is even born. You don't know whether it has chunky thighs or stick legs. 

What about all the crazy lingo that cloth diaper mamas use? What is an AIO? What is TLT? What on earth is stripping?? 

I probably won't be able to make everything clear to you, since I still don't know all there is to know about cloth diapers (I still don't know how wool diapers work!) but I can hopefully tell you what I do know!

These YouTube videos really helped me out Cloth Diapering 101.

Let's talk about the cloth diapers types I've tried.

I'm not even going to try and explain wool diapers. I don't know anything about them. 

An all in one (AIO) is a diaper that you can use just like a disposable. Put it on, once it's dirty, you change it. Nothing you need to add to the diaper at all. 

I had a few AIOs in the beginning but I found that I didn't like them as much, based on the fact that you needed more of them, and it takes forever and a day for them to dry. That being said, they can be very absorbent and are a favourite of many dads, for the simplicity.

Pocket diapers are my personal favourite. You have 2 pieces. An outer shell and an insert. The insert can be made of many different things, like bamboo, hemp, micro fibre, etc. I personally like bamboo inserts. They seem to be the best absorbers. The insert is stuffed into the pocket of the diaper, and then you wear it on your baby.

I use my pocket diapers a little differently for the most part. Instead of stuffing them, I just place the bamboo insert inside the diaper and put it on my baby. That way, if she only pees, I can actually just replace the insert, and not the whole diaper. I replace my diaper about every other change, or when she poops.

Fair warning though, you cannot use your pocket diapers like that if you are using any synthetic types of insert, such as micro fibre. It will cause a diaper rash! You need to remember to only place natural absorbing materials like cotton, hemp, or bamboo against the skin.

My favourite pocket diapers are AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers. They are super cute, durable, absorbent, and have the best group of creators and followers ever. I've heard the AppleCheeks following referred to as a 'cult following.' We are pretty intense about it sometimes, I have to admit. This brand of diaper holds its resale value extremely well. Oftentimes, when a colour has been discontinued, people are more than willing to pay even more for the diaper. I won't get into that though.

When it comes to pocket diapers, there are two kinds. One Size (OS) diapers have the snaps to tighten at the waist, but you can also adjust the rise of them. This is a OS diaper. It's an AMP diaper, which is a Canadian made brand. I like this brand as well. 

Then there are sized pockets. AppleCheeks and AMP both offer this type of system, and it is the type I prefer. I find they fit much better. They have no snaps on the front to adjust the size though. Size ones usually go up to about 18 lbs or so, and size twos will get you to potty training age. They look exactly the same, except one is larger than the other. 

We also invested in a few newborn diapers (NB) before Harper was born. We found that they worked just fine, for about 3 weeks. Then they started to leak. You can wear a small sized diaper on your newborn just fine, as long as you put it on correctly. There really is no need to spend money on newborn diapers. 

There are many other reasons to choose cloth over disposable, other than the fact that they're cute! 

Cost savings! It's crazy how much diapers cost for one child. 

Something to keep in mind, as well, is that I plan on using the same diapers that I have for Harper on all my future children. Yes, I do buy all the new colours, but that is only because I am a collector. You don't have to. Buy what you need, and leave it at that. If you buy quality diapers, they will last through all your babies, and you can even resell them when you're done with them! Pretty amazing right!?

You can also feel like you're doing your part to save the earth. I'm sure you've all seen these pictures in the media somewhere along the way. 

Many people think that they don't have time to wash and dry cloth diapers. It really doesn't take as long as you think. I wash mine every 3 days, and it only takes a couple hours. I'm not even technically 'washing' them the whole time. I'm just pressing start on my washing machine. The only thing that takes a few minutes for me is that I choose to hang my covers to dry every time, and I also choose to fold them. You don't have to do either of these things. Covers can go in the dryer, just not on high heat. You don't have to fold them, I just do it to make them look pretty. 

I love cloth diapering. I know it might not be for everyone. If you have any questions I will gladly answer them! It's something I'm passionate about (much to my surprise!), and I love to talk about it. 

PS. TLT is the brand of detergent I use on my diapers. In the near future I'll post about my washing routine for my diapers. I mean, Harper's diapers. 

Too stinkin' cute in her AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper!


  1. I found you on the link up! =) Thank you for all of this information. I am not cloth diapering right now. Even after your awesome, easy, explanations it still freaks me out! I want to do it mostly for the environment... and they are super cute! I will be looking into it more for sure.. and might get the balls to try it for baby #2!

    If your interested, I have a giveaway going on @! I hope you check it out-- Jill


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