7 Months & What I Like About You!

I'm always late on these, but oh well. I'm busy with other, more important things (Harper!).

I am seriously blessed to have this beautiful baby girl in my life. She is such an easy baby and so happy all the time.

I always try to focus on the positives in life. As I said in my last "What I Like About You" post, people seem to focus on the negatives of having a baby. Yes, it changes your life, but to me, it's in a good way. I love this little fart more than anything else in the world. I don't know what we're going to do if we have another one. How can you love two things this much? I know you just do, but it's a lot of love!

So here's what I like about Harper (2nd edition).

I love going into your room first thing in the morning and seeing you grin up at me.

I love (and think it's hilarious) when I am cleaning your bum and you laugh!

I love your little fluffy bum!

I love that you feed yourself your own bottle now. It's adorable.

I love the way you fling your feet around like they're the blades of a helicopter.

I love how much YOU love your jumparoo! You're bananas over that thing!

I love the way you give loves (grabs your face, arm, hand, etc. and pulls it close to her).

I love the way you look like you're trying to swim when you're laying on your tummy. That won't last much longer, as you'll most likely be crawling soon!

I love the hilarious look you give us when we try to give you grown up food.

I love the way you suck in your lower lip.

I love how you know how to take your soother from my mouth/hand and put it in your mouth. We play this game a lot.

I love the way your smile at your daddy.

I love your adorable toothless smile. That probably won't last much longer either!

I love your big adorable blue eyes!

I love the way you study your hands.

I love when you try and eat your toes.

I love watching you learn.

Well, I basically love every stinking thing about you! How can you be so cute!?

Alright, enough mush!

Here are her 7 month photos.

Cutie in her Sailor Blue AppleCheeks!

Not smiling when the chalkboard is there.

Favorite place.

Nom nom noms!

Take the chalkboard away, and I'll smile!

 You're not telling them how much I weigh!