The Quest for the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie: Complete

Way back in April, I decided that I wanted to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. I made one attempt that I actually blogged about. I tried a couple other recipes that weren't on Pinterest, and then I think I must have gone on a diet or something because I told myself not to bake anymore cookies. I tried ones that had sour cream in them, to make them cakey. Meh. I could taste the sour cream. I tried ones from a book that said they'd be chewey. They weren't.

Well, the other day, I decided I wanted to bake some again. I looked through my pins on the almighty Pinterest, and I found one that looked promising.

I must say, it was more than promising. It was wonderful. I am in love with these cookies. Usually, after a cookie leaves its dough form to become a cookie, I'm like 'meh...I liked the dough better.'

Not this time.

Oh. Man.

Here's my favourite chocolate chip cookie ever.

First of all, I never thought I'd prefer a chocolate chip cookie with semi-sweet chocolate chips in it. I do prefer milk chocolate, every other time.

Not this time!

Second of all, I can never behave myself and follow a recipe exactly like it says, so I will say that I only had normal brown sugar on hand, not the dark stuff. So instead of putting the dark stuff in, like the recipe said, I just used the light.

And third, when the recipe says to use a 3 tbsp ball, do that. I made a bunch that were only probably 1 tbsp. This was a mistake. They don't spread out very well at all, so if you wanted a larger looking cookie, you actually have to use a larger amount of dough.

So these babies get a 5 star stamp of approval in my book.

Forget everything you thought you loved in a chocolate chip cookie.

It was all wrong.

I thought I liked cakey cookies.


I thought I liked chewy cookies.


I never thought I liked crunchy ones.

Well, that one's still correct.

These ones aren't any of those things.

They're absolutely perfect!!


  1. Glad you found a good chocolate chip cookie recipe!!! And even more excited that its on if Shelly's over at Cookies and Cups. She has AMAZING recipes. Ps- don't ever look at her blog hungry. You have been warned!


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