6 Month Must Haves

I've wanted to do another one of these for a while, so here it is. I just looked back on the last one, which was in April, when Harper was just over a month old. It included things like breast pumps, sterilizers, and whatnot.

Wow, I can't believe how much has changed since then.

I'm gonna start with the things that have stayed the same.

1. AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers.

We still use them and love them. We've NEVER had a poop blow-out. Incidentally, I put Harper in sposies for a day, so I could strip her cloth diapers, and the first poop she had in one, just about came out of her diaper and up her back. She doesn't even have runny poops. These diapers are the best. Trust me. You can't really get them directly from them, you need to go through a retailer. I LOVE Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot and Fluffy Bottom Babies. They have been awesome so far. Great products, and awesome customer service.

2. AMP Diaper Sprayer.

This gets the poop off your diapers. For real. It's great.

3. Ambient Soundscapes Pro. App.

We still use this daily. It's much better than the stupid sleep sheep, which turns off after 45 mins. I want my kid to nap for more than 45 mins (more like 2 hours). If the stupid sheep shuts off and the dog barks or I flush the flush, she can hear it. Screw that. I leave my iPad in her room with it turned up, and she sleeps like, well, her father.

4. 4Moms Mamaroo.

We still use this actually. Just not nearly as much. Actually, Harper sits in it and feeds herself now. If she's particularly fussy, she goes in it and it's very soothing to her.

That's pretty much all we still use.

The Skip Hop Dash bag that I liked before has proved to be way too small for a cloth diapering mama. Oh well. I bought some no name brand bag from Costco and it's sufficient for now, but I don't think it will be once we have another child. 2 in cloth, plus food for Harper and formula for a baby, plus toys, that will warrant a much larger bag. I'm thinking the JuJuBe, Be Prepared.

Here are a few new things that we love.

5. Sophie the Giraffe.

This toy is amazing. We have 2 different versions of it, and Harper just loves chewing it. I would say it must feel amazing on her gums or something, because she just goes to town on it all the time.

6. Fisher-Price Jumparoo.

Harper just started being able to touch the ground in this. She likes playing in it quite a lot. When she can jump, I'm sure she'll be happier.

7. Graco Stroller.

We didn't get anything super fancy or super expensive when we got a stroller. We wanted one that our carseat would fit right in. It's pretty great, and super easy to push. Folds up and stores nicely too. Probably not super great for taking on a plane or anything, but for walking down the road, this stroller is awesome.

8. Fisher Price Playmat.

Harper loves this thing. I hear it in my sleep. But if she's happy, I'm happy.

9. Skip Hop Owl Toy.

This thing is super cute, soft, and fun. Harper loves the crinkly sound, plus she chews on basically every corner of it. She even chewed the velcro part for a little while. It's pretty fun!

10. Aden + Anais.

So far, we have a muslin swaddle, a cozy swaddle, and a bamboo dream blanket. We have a cozy sleep sack on the way her in the mail. These blankets are amazing. They are soft and warm. They won't overheat your baby. I use the swaddle for pretty much everything but swaddling actually. We use it as a canopy, a burp cloth, a bib, a changing pad, and a million other things. The cozy one will be great in the winter. The bamboo one is sooooo soft and warm!! The sleep sack is the same idea as the cozy swaddle, and is a great way to reduce the risk of SIDS. I had an issue with one of their products having a lot of snags on it, and they sent me a brand new one. They have great customer service! Oh, I should mention, the little Prince (George?) was brought home in one of these products!