Hoop Dance LOVE & Other Things

I know I've been on a sort of 'blog hiatus' and I don't really have an avid blog following, so it's more than likely no one even noticed. I took July off. Not really on purpose, I just did other things, such as trying to get head above water and such.

A quick recap of July.

- Harper had her first Canada Day! We went to the festivities down by the Seal Cove Breakwater and had a good time. Though there wasn't much to do.
- We went to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia for a wedding of two friends. Had a great time seeing old friends and making new ones. It was Harper's first trip off Grand Manan and she did quite well.
- My love/obsession with Game of Thrones has only deepened.
- We started Geocaching again. It has been a really long time!
What we found in Harper's first Geocache.
- Went to my first Hoop Dance class which was awesome, and I'll talk more about in a minute.
- Harper turned 5 months old! Holy cow. Time needs to slow down. Now.
5 Month Photos

- We went to the Rotary Festival this weekend and had fun. We were in the parade and our float won first prize. Harper and I were Egyptians, since the theme was Around the World.
Our Parade Float! 

- And finally, technically this happened August first, but Harper ROLLED OVER! AHH!
The First Roll

All right.
On to the Hoop Dance thing. 

A friend from Nursing School moved down to the island and now has a beautiful baby girl, and has started a Hoop Dance class here. I bought a hoop as soon as she started making them. It's weighted at about 1.5-2 lbs. Not sure how much exactly. Either way, I can barely keep the thing up. 

Last week was my first time at the class, since I wasn't feeling very well for the first one. It was so much fun! I'm getting much better at keeping the hoop up around my waist, and now I can do a couple of tricks! I can jump through the hoop sideways (looks cooler than it sounds) and I can spin it on my hand above my head and then drop it down to my waist and keep hooping. I'm pretty pumped about that one. I can also spin in a circle while the hoop is still going. FUN! 

Not only is hooping super fun, but it's a SUPER good workout! You can burn between 250-500 calories per hour! Plus, it's so fun, you don't even know an hour has gone by! 

You can actually take online courses to learn this, or you can order a DVD set, OR you can find a hoop dance teacher near you! Check out Hoopnotica for some deets!  

Check out this awesome video on how to hoop! 


  1. Hoop Dancing? That sounds like something I'd love to try out :).


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