Happy Father's Day!

This is Casey's first Father's Day as a Daddy.

Pretty sure he wants to go golfing. 


He doesn't even read my blog, but I wanted to write a post about the many things I love about my husband, father of our daughter.

First of all, we've been together since he was 15 and I was 16. We dated for 4 years, were engaged for 1, and have been married for almost 3. Out of all that time, I never loved him more than when we had our baby. We were in the hospital for almost 5 full days, and he couldn't have been more supportive and attentive. The way he looked and interacted with our daughter was amazing.

After we came home, he did his best to come home every lunch time so I could shower and pump. At night, he would take the 10 PM - 1 AM shift. Since we were pumping and bottle feeding, that was a blessing. I'm pretty sure I'd do it again the second time. He always puts Harper to bed (when he can). He changes, washes, and stuffs diapers, blows raspberries, sterilizes bottles, does dishes, vacuums, makes beds, does laundry, and works his butt off all day long for the company. Also, he's smarter than the average bear, and has a pretty great sense of humour.

I'm pretty sure I'm married to a robot. A cyborg?

Either way, he's amazing.

And he's mine...

So back off.


Love you babe! Happy Father's Day!

You can go golfing now.
In the Hospital

Picture from Mother's Day

His baby's the shit.