A Day in the Life

I've been trying to do this post for a week. I'd sit down and start writing what we have been doing, but ended up doing something abnormal like going to CPR re-certificaiton or whatever, and not wanting that in my day in the life post, I gave up on it. Well, here it is. Now that it's all written down in front of me, it looks quite impressive. I must say, I'm rather good at speed cleaning and multitasking.

Oh, I should add, for those of you who don't know, I have a small cupcake business. I take orders and make cupcakes for people. I don't get a ton of orders, but that's fine by me. I like it at this scale. Plus, it's Grand Manan, how many cupcakes can I really sell in one day? Anyway, that's why I'm making frosting and cupcakes.

05:30 - My cell phone alarm goes off under my pillow. I put it there when I got up to pee a couple hours ago. I kick Casey and tell him it's time to get up. I promptly fall back to sleep.

06:30 - I wake up again, the baby is fussing in her pack and play. I grab her and put her in bed with me. We both go back to sleep.

08:30 - I wake up and look over at Harper, who is staring at me, wide eyed. We have a snuggle for a little while. Then I get up and get her a fresh diaper and get her dressed for the day.

09:00 - We come downstairs. I make her bottle, my coffee, and my cereal. I set her on her play mat while I do this, and she half heartedly cries, telling me she is hungry.

09:45 - Harper is fed, and is playing on her play met. She's squealing and talking up a storm. I sit down to start this blog post and finish my soggy cereal.

Loving her Jungle

10:00 - I tidy up a couple things and address a package (a diaper!) to its new home. Then we go upstairs for some tummy time/playtime.

Cuteness overload during tummy time!

10:15 - I check her diaper, and take her into our room for her nap. I lay down beside her and we read some of our book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. We don't get too far before she's ready to sleep.

10:45 - Harper is asleep and I turn on her white noise and shut the door. It's time to shower.

11:20 - Showered, dressed, make up and hair are done, and as a bonus, the upstairs bathroom is clean :) Time for some speed cleaning!

12:30 - Laundry is folded, clean dishes are put away, dirty dishes are loaded in the dishwasher, stove and counters are clean, first floor is vacuumed (and the stairs), living room is tidy, downstairs bathroom is clean, windows in the kitchen and porch are clean, and I'm sitting down to a salad.

1:00 - I go out to check my garden and when I come back in the baby is awake. Time for lunch!

1:30 - I load the baby into the car and go pick up my mom. We go to the post office to mail that diaper, and I find I received 2 Applecheeks Diapers in the mail! Yay! Then off to the grocery store for gas and a couple groceries. Harper is pretty ticked by now. We run to the Garden Shop and I buy a tomato plant. Harper is crying pretty hard now. My mom is trying to sooth her while she's in her car seat. I start driving and reach around and hold her pacifier in her mouth. She's asleep within 3 minutes. We head to the garbage dump, stop at Home Hardware for some ant killer, and run into the bank. Then I take mom home, and go home myself.

2 more Purple Rain Applecheeks!! 

3:00 - We're home. I unload the car. I change Harper's bum and take her in to nap. We read some more Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. She goos and gaas while I read.

3:30 - She's ready to sleep. I sneak out.  Put away the groceries and make a new recipe for home made granola bars, and start on some buttercream for the cupcakes I have to make tomorrow.

5:00 - Harper is awake. I go get her and change her. My mom is here, so I get a bottle ready for her to feed her. While she feeds her, I finish tinting the buttercream. It looks awesome!

5:45 - I start on supper. Casey won't be coming home any time soon, but I make it anyway. My mom plays with Harper.
Playing with Nana
6:30 - I put Harper down for her evening nap. Mom and I have supper. After, I clean up, and then we go outside to plant the tomato plants I bought, and to stick the ant traps in the ground. The bugs are horrible, so we don't stay out long.

7:30 - Mom leaves to go home, and I have a seat at the computer. I want to start on the cupcakes I have to make tomorrow, but I don't dare, seeing as the baby will probably wake up soon.

7:45 - I guessed correctly. Harper is awake. I go get her and bring her down to the kitchen to play on her play mat for a bit while I make cupcake batter.

8:15 - Cupcake batter is finished, we're headed up for a bath!

Harper LOVES bathtime!
9:30 - All bathed, changed, and fed! We read for a bit and snuggled until daddy got home, then he gets some snuggle time.

Snuggles with Daddy
10:00 - After taking my mom's clothes to her apartment for her, I put the cupcakes in the oven and we watch the Game of Thrones finale (Soooo addicted!!).

11:15  - I check Facebook quickly, answer a couple messages, then I put the cupcakes away, tidy up a bit, start the dishwasher and head to bed to read (Game of Thrones!) for a few minutes.

12:00 - I can barely keep my eyes open. Good thing it was a short chapter. Time to sleep, so we can do it all over again tomorrow!


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