What I Like About You

Sometimes people seem to focus on the negative effect babies have on your life.

"Oh, your life is gonna completely change!"

"You'll never sleep again."

You've heard it all before.

I'd like to take this moment (while Harper is still sleeping) to mention a few great things that I LOVE about our little girl.

Her adorable, lopsided smile, half smile.

Her full on, light up the world, grin.

The way that she holds my finger while I put her down for a nap.

Her little piggy toes that curl around your upper lip when you kiss them.

Her high pitched squeal of delight.

Her fully bodied laugh that gives her the hiccups.

The way that she's so curious as to what's going on all around.

Watching her discover her hands.

The way she sleeps like a spread eagled fool, the total opposite of what babies are supposed to like!

The way she spins around to find her daddy when she hears his voice.

The way she wakes up so happy.

That she loves to be naked.

Her little bum in a cute little cloth diaper!!

The way she loves the tub soooo much, she splashes all around with her whole body!

Her giant blue eyes.

Her little bird-like mouth.

The little whisp of hair on the top of her head (that goes perfectly with her mullet).

I don't think I could ask for a better baby. She is so happy all the time (the sleep book told me she would be, if she got the right amount of sleep, so here's hoping she is!). She's growing up so fast. I'm excited to see her grow, but sort of want to slow it down if I can. I LOVE this kid!!


  1. So sweet! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I love this! It makes me even more excited for my own baby girl to arrive! :)


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