These are a few of my favorite things: Scentsy

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a pretty bad Scentsy addict.

I need help.

I literally have more Scentsy than I know what to do with.

More than I can...shake a stick at? As my mother always said?

Anyway, I always wanted to do product reviews, so here's my first one.

Scentsy is a scented wax system that uses light bulbs instead of candles. I can leave them going all day and there is no risk of burning my home down.

I had a party with my sister in law last June. We got a ton of free and half priced stuff.

So now, I have 4 burners in my house. I never use normal candles anymore, unless the power is out.

I would have to say, that my favorite burner would be the silhouette burners. You can remove the metal outer part and replace it with something seasonal. I have the wicker one, but I also have one with a nativity scene on it, for Christmas.

I do have, and like, the small plug in warmers that go right in the plug, but my house is full of 2 pronged outlets and you need 3. I have one place that I can use this kind in my house. Only problem is, if you have pets or small children, or anyone really, if the plug in you're using is low, near the floor, there is always the risk of bumping it and getting wax everywhere. It's kind of annoying. You really need to restrict these burners to the sockets over the kitchen counter, or in a bathroom.

I have a medium sized warmer that I like less. I find that it takes much longer to heat up the wax.

I'm not big on anything floral scented, or super perfumey. I like many of these smells fine, but I wouldn't want my house smelling like it.

My favorites are food smells, like Sugar Cookie, Mochadoodle, & Sticky Cinnamon Bun.

I also love citrusy smells, like Coconut Lemongrass, Sunkissed Citrus, Skinny Dippin, and Havanna Cabana.

This year, there were some really great Christmas/Winter scents. I recommend trying Cozy Fireside. So good.

The scent bars come so that you can break off pieces and use them as you want. I always put 2 pieces in my burners, and they stay going for pretty much 24/7 for 2-3 days, and then I replace them. You can probably still smell them, but I can't anymore, so I change it.

Scentsy also has a range of products for on the go, like scent circles for your car, scent pouches (I use these in my car), room sprays, and travel tins. We keep a travel tin in our diaper bag :)

They have really cute stuffed animals that you put a scent pouch inside and they smell so good, in addition to being adorable. We have Lenny the Lamb and he's stuffed with Skinny Dippin (watermelon).

They have a line of body washes and lotions, as well as scented productes for your washer and dryer. I used the washer whiffs once and my bedsheets smelled awesome!

I highly recommend you check out Scentsy products. You won't be disappointed!


  1. My best friend sells Scentsy, so I have quite the selection as well. :) I only have full size warmers though, but I have an embarrassing number of Scentsy bars. Currently burning Sweet Pea and Vanilla.


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