Weekend Shenanigans!

So this weekend I baked up a cupcake storm, as shown in the pictures below. I love baking cupcakes! Yum!

So on friday, not much happened other than we went to Casey's parents house and played Hand & Foot. His mother and I won. Well, we demolished them. :) I baked cupcakes to prepare them for saturday. 

Saturday we went to a fundraiser petting zoo with Harper.  It was very cold and wet, but we saw alpacas, sheep, goats, and chickens. Harper didn't much care, but it was nice anyway. I bought tickets on a mothers day basket and we had hot dogs. I decorated cupcakes and baked 2 more batches that day. When I was decorating them, the girl who was selling the tickets on the basket showed up at my house and said I won the basket! Yay! Lots of good stuff in there! Later we went to Casey's parents for supper. 

On sunday, my first Mother's Day, we went to church, then had lunch with Casey's family at his grandparents house. I came home a little early because an auction was ending and I wanted to win it, and I did! Bought a new hard to find cloth diaper! Made my day! We went to visit my Dad and Step Mom for a bit. Then I had my Mom and Grandmother over for supper since it was my mom's birthday. We had pan fried haddock. Yum! Later, it was the Survivor finale, so we went up to Casey's parents as we normally do, and watched the finale, and ate home made ice cream! I love that tradition!