Happy Mothers Day!

So, I'm gonna brag a little here. Prepare yourselves.

Growing up, for me, having a step mom and a step dad, some people might have thought, "Oh that poor kid is going to be another statistic, her parents aren't together."


I tend to look on the more positive side of things (even though sometimes I can rant and rave on here, or in person). To me, having a 'split' family was something totally different.

A blessing.

I was lucky enough to have 2 moms and 2 dads that loved me and cared about me. Things weren't always ideal, but if you told me your family was picture perfect, I'd laugh in your face.

Since it's mothers day, I'm going to focus on my mom and my step mom a little bit.

My mom.

There are many things I can say about my mom. She is a pretty amazing, strong woman. She has really been through just about everything life can throw at a person, and she is still standing tall. She has so many crazy talents you would never guess she had.

Did you know she can work the crap out of a skill saw? She really is a sort of, Mrs. Fix-It. She can figure out a way to fix just about anything and make due with what she's got.

She can sew. I tell you what, I can't do that. Not even a little.

When I was a teenager, she taught me how to hem my pants, since I'm only 5 foot 2-3 inches, and basically all my jeans needed to be hemmed. Guess what? I suck at it. Bad.

When I was little, she made me the best halloween costume EVER. It was a princess costume and it had sequins hand sewed all over it. You could twirl around in the skirt and it was so glittery and awesome. It even had those long flowing sleeves. Best costume of all time.

She even made me an entire Barbie bedroom set out of plastic canvas and yarn.

That woman can make just about anything.

When I was a kid, I liked Barney. Now I find him kinda scary. Especially when in real life. But, because I like him when I was little, my mom and I sang the 'I Love You' song every night before we went to bed.

When I was 16, my mom had a stroke on May 28. God had his hands on that situation for sure. How could he not have? I biked to work that saturday morning, and when I got there, I thought 'I should probably call my mom, and let her know I got here in 1 piece.' Not something I would normally do. Somehow, by God's grace, I called her when she started experiencing symptoms, and we got her to the hospital.

What if I hadn't called?

Not even going to think about it.

It took a long time, but being one of the strongest people I know, my mom fought with everything she had, and recovered from that. She can walk, talk, and do just about everything she could before.

Told you she was awesome.

My mom is a doer. So she just...does.

After living away for a while, she now lives here on the island, and is going to be able to watch her grand daughter closely as she grows. I hope one day, Harper will have some of the strength that my mom has.

Alright, so my Step Mom.

My step mom married my dad in 1993. I thought that was pretty awesome. I was 5, and she treated me like one of her own. I have many amazing memories with her.

We played a ton of Jr. Monopoly. We ate jarred peaches. Yum!!

We played play dough.

We made a play house out of the boxes that some of their kitchen appliances came in. Best. Playhouse. Ever.

One spring, we went down to the brook and found some toad eggs. I don't remember seeing toad eggs before in my life. Much cooler than the blob of eggs that a frog produces.

One year, she took me to the circus. I think I still have the pictures I took with my little disposable camera. She even braved head lice and took me to the exhibition one year. That was awesome. I don't think I've actually been back since. No one wants to go! Can't understand why!

Then, one year, she gave me my little brother! I didn't even understand what was going on when he was born, but I thought it was pretty cool. A few years later, my sister came along. I was old enough then to know how awesome she was!

My step mom is a nurse. I have the privilege of working with her at our hospital. I think she must be one of the best, most caring nurses I've ever seen in action. All her patients lover her, and all of us other nurses love working with her. She is what a nurse should be. Kind, caring, compassionate, and smart.

Still pity me because I come from a split family?

Don't bother.

I'm pretty sure I have one of the best families ever.

Love you guys. I'm so privileged to have you both in my life, and now in Harpers.