2 Months Already!

So April 28 was Harper's 2 month birthday.


It's been 2 months already?


This month has been much better than the first. I'm starting to feel pretty comfortable with what I'm supposed to be doing for Harper. I'm so lucky that she's a good baby. I can't imagine my frustration if she wasn't.

This month, I quit pumping. I hated it so much. I wasn't even getting enough to feed Harper exclusively my milk. I loathed every second of being attatched to that machine.

We finally bought a dish washer! Yay! Its not installed yet, but we're working on it!!

Harper had her absolute worst insane hysterical crying fit this month. I seriously didn't know why she was crying or how to stop it, but it was scary!

I started blogging a bunch more. It's something to do with my time, while Harper is sleeping.

I wrote the ER nurse certification. I'm 99% sure I failed it, but at least I tried!

We had company all the way from Yarmouth! It was awesome to have them here! We even get to see them again in July, because they're getting married!

Harper had her first allergic reaction. At least, that's what I'm convinced it was. To lobster cooking in the house. It runs in the family.

Here are our 2 month photos!


  1. What a cutie! So sad about the lobster reaction! It's my favorite!

  2. She is such a little cutie! It's crazy how quick time goes by isn't it? It was at about the 8 week mark that I started to really love being a mom...I finally felt human again and Kenley started to do more than just lay there. :)


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