Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend seemed to fly way too fast.

Friday I sent Harper to Grammie Sally's house for the day, and I made Banana Split Cupcakes for the baby buy and sell that was going on the next day. I will NEVER make that complicated of a mini cupcake again! Ugh. If you want the recipe here it is. It basically took all stinking day.

My cat brought home a snake and I made him let it go. I actually really like catching snakes. I can't wait to catch them with Harper!

Friday evening we got take out from Gallaways, and ate it at home. We wanted to go out but it closes at 7, and that's stupid.

There was a crazy orange full moon that night, and I wanted to get a picture of it.

Saturday was busy busy busy. Harper went to Grammie Sue's and I lugged 50 cupcakes and a bunch of baby clothes to the baby buy and sell. I only sold one thing, for $2 but I gave out all my cupcakes and ended up getting an order for more. Yay business promotion! I ended up spending like $100 on stuff but I think it was well spent. I got a playmat, a tub, and a diaper that one of my friends made herself! It's soooo cute, with cupcakes all over! I think it's a bit big now, but I can't wait to try it on Harper!

Saturday at supper time we went to Casey's grandparent's for fried dough. If you're not from Grand Manan, you might call fried dough a beaver tail. It's the same thing, just less expensive and we make it ourselves. Yummy!!

Friday night, I organized a meet and great for John and Krista Dunlap. They are graciously coming to our church for 3 weeks to preach and get to know us, and I thought it was a good idea for people to have the opportunity to come meet them in their apartment and have some fellowship and food. I thought there was a decent turn out, and we had a pretty good time. I didn't get any pictures because I thought it might have been weird to snap a few pics and be like "oh, these are for my blog..." lol.

Sunday is always my favorite day. But this one sucked a little. We had lunch at Casey's parents as per usual, but this time we had John and Krista, and Doug, Joy and Micah. Good food and good times were had, until Daddy went golfing, and they started cooking lobster for that evening. Harper immediately broke out in a rash on her head, and then her torso! I took her outside away from the smell but it didn't really help. It just kept getting worse, especially on her face, so I took her to the ER and they didn't really recommend giving her Benadryl, which is what I wanted to do. Anyway, we basically ended up coming home and changing all our clothes and bathing her. It helped and this morning it seems she has cleared up nicely.

So, Casey and I spent sunday evening watching the Game of Thrones and we're almost caught up! Yay!


  1. That looks like a very large snake!!
    The baby pictures are tooooo adorable!
    Stop by some time

  2. Hmm... I have never, ever heard fried dough called "beaver tails." Strange. Also, poor Harper! I'm so glad she's ok, and that picture of her in sunglasses is too cute!!


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